The latest turns

Latest, that is, in the ever-popular turning points series.  Femdom captions, about situations that aren’t quite femdom (but the captions really are captions).  Remarkably, clicking on the link hidden in that first sentence will take you to no fewer than 26 previous posts featuring turning points… goodness, I have been running this blog for a long time.

0 thoughts on “The latest turns”

  1. Oh, the one about Verucca White, or whatever her name is? I can't remember, was she the one that turned the cards over, or did she point out the doors or prizes or something. Those young chippies all look the same to me.

  2. It's very easy to mock, Tom, very easy.

    After all, you used to have an entire blog devoted to nothing else, didn't you? Until someone shut it down. What a shame that was.

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