Obviously, this blog prides itself on being fresh, original and creative unlike those awful, repetitive ‘adult’ blogs that just consist of the same thing all the time. Good captions, for instance – imagine how tedious it would be if I published those all the time.

Nonetheless, taking advantage of fact that males have short memories and attention spans, the blog does feature a few regular stars. Famous dommes, obviously, such as Mistress Eleise, The Hunteress or the OWK Ladies (especially Katarina).  But also some lovelies whose sadism and dominance is masked beneath a vanilla persona.  Each such lady has her own ‘tag’ used to label a post featuring her, but as no one but me has any idea which tag refers to which goddess, it’s all a bit pointless.

Hence this post.  Five regulars are featured below, in new never before seen captioned images.  Can you name them all?  Can you match them to their ‘tags’, listed in the labels section of this post? Try clicking that label and seeing if you were right.*

The accent’s quite important.  Clue: its not a mid-Western American drawl and if you are reading it to yourself like that, you’re doing it wrong.

It is a truth rarely acknowledged that any Tumblr featuring high-heeled leggy ladies will one day discover this goddess and post about twenty pictures in a row, all of her.  I have at least that many captioned images of her, but as so often in your sex life, I’m afraid you are just going to have to wait.**

Goddess playing a demi-goddess.  Slumming it a bit, therefore, but I am not complaining.

A new addition to the pantheon, this Goddess.  But we’ll be seeing more of her.***

Anyone who gets this one wrong, let me know so I can block you from seeing the blog ever again.  In fact, I think I should install a gadget that pokes you vigorously and repeatedly in the eye, if ever you try to visit.  Then there’ll only be two readers.

*  Hmm? No, I know you don’t see the same captioned image if you click the label, moron.  I mean you see different captioned images of the same goddess. Yeah?  These are new: I did say that.  Got it now?  

** Yes, you do have to spell her surname correctly, to win the prize.   Anyway, there isn’t a prize.

*** What?  No of course I don’t mean you’ll be seeing her nipples, you wretched little man.  Not on this blog.  I just mean you’ll be seeing her more frequently.  Why are you asking all these questions? 

0 thoughts on “Regulars”

  1. One is known by a single name and that is Goddess. Although She is also sometimes called President. Femsup.

  2. The one on the bottom looks somehow familiar. Game show hostess, perhaps?

    Anyhow, I can't waste time on these silly things. I have to write more captions for my collection of Danica Collins pictures.

  3. Yes indeed. Within the general context of the veracity and accuracy of all the other information provided on this blog, and subject to the disclaimer up there that nothing here is intended to be remotely realistic, anyway.

    And the divine Anne is leader of a Female Supremacist party in the US, too. It's all completely true, or at least it's all equally true.

    Best wishes


  4. Danica Collins… now what was the film she was awarded an Oscar for? Hmm? Remind me. Let's see now… Danica Collins, Danica Collins. You know, I can at least say that I'm certain – quite certain – she won't have been awarded the Oscar – the fucking Oscar, Tom, right? – for Best Supporting Actress in 2012. Do you know why, Tom, hmm? Do you know how I can be so sure of that, despite never having even heard of Danica fucking Collins?


    Now, I'm going to meditate and say a few quiet prayers to calm myself down a bit. Off to the shrine of my household goddess.

    'Game show host'…


  5. Ohhh Danica Collins! I am lost in reverie. Surely She is a supporter of THE President. Femsup

  6. Ah, you're probably right. Unfortunately, obviously I cannot do either of those things as I am locked permanently in chastity and set endless menial chores by a cruel Mistress (who is thus free to spend most of her life lazing around, looking beautiful in various items of highly impractical clothing). Like most men on this blog. Oh – and I'm not allowed on the furniture.

    Having said all of that, I was a little disappointed when I clicked on your link to find that it was not the divine Miss H herself being crotchety. There's a bit in this clip from Velentines Day (no, Danica's not in it: sorry) where she looks cross (thoroughly miffed, in fact) and my heart just melts.

    Valentine's Day: Anne looking grumpy

    I'm sure Danica is very nice too. As was your blog. Which I miss.


  7. So do I Sara, so do I. Many people do. There will be more.

    Kiss kiss, on the air above both cheeks (parce que j'habite en France).


  8. The future President and the Woman who played the loving dominant nanny in Mary Poppins a role model for women and their male supporters. What could be better. Femsup

  9. I wouldn't disagree but you've lost me a bit there (my male brain is easily confused…).

    Are you talking about Valentines Day (2010), which is a great movie starring many wonderfully powerful actresses? It is not explicitly kinky except for the brief moment in which the Lady Herself does a phone-sex dominatrix scene, simulating the thwack of a whip with an elastic band… oh and maybe the scene in the restaurant where a wife posing as a waitress explains the castration special to her cheating husband and his date… But it certainly works for me.

    But the loving dominant nanny in Mary Poppins Returns was Miss Emily Blunt who is truly wonderful but was not in Valentines Day, I think.

    Of course, the original nanny was Miss Julie Andrews (who was wonderfullest in Thoroughly Modern Millie, which btw includes a brief female bondage scene in a Chinese white slaving operation). But I don't think she's in Valentines Day either.

    Goddesses Hathaway and Andrews were together in the Princess Bride. Is that what you meant?

    Best wishes


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