Kind hearts and martinets

I shot an arrow in the air; she fell to earth in Berkely Square.  Warning: safe for work and unrelated.

I’ll confess to anything because I’m guilty guilty guilty!

As long as there’s wi-fi.
Don’t be so suspicious.
“Isn’t that silly” is a phrase I used to hear a lot on dates, oddly enough. 
It’s good to feel useful, now there’s nothing to do but hang around the house all day. I’m worried we might run out of toilet paper, though.  Goodness knows what we’d do, then.

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  1. I think that one would have to ration out the toilet paper. Maybe start with maximum 4 squares when attending to Her and then lessening the number till the only alternative would be nice soft tongue or tongues. Great interrogation and camp pics and ideas too. Femsup

  2. Omg… the one about going downstairs.. for a "little cock – drink" OMG! kiss, sara

  3. The interrogation camp also ran out of toilet paper, quite soon after this post was published, actually. But they managed OK one way and another and in fact they've decided in the interests of the environment to go completely tissue paper-free from now on, which is pretty good. Just because they torture people for a living doesn't mean they don't care, you know?

    Best wishes


  4. I just write down what I hear in real life. I can't blame her, it's so easy to say the wrong thing when your mind is on other matters. Actually, my SO once made a similar freudian slip, referring to my obnoxious, soft and maggot-like dick and how I wouldn't know what to do with it if she ever did let it get semi-hard. All that just slipped out by accident, I think, when I'm pretty sure what she was supposed to be doing was just thanking the organisers of the reception, the best man, the bridesmaids and so on. But the guests enjoyed it. My best man's speech was a bit embarassing too, as it turned out he knew my new bride better than I had realised, but that's another story.

    Kiss kiss


  5. Servitor- What an amusing little story. I'm sure alot "slips out" by accident with her! After all, why not? Always best to know what a Best Man is going to say… oh well! ­čÖé kiss, sara

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