Actually, the silver brushes are worse – just ask your future father-in-law while you’re doing chores.




It’s not fair to expect her to whip you every time something needs doing, now, is it?

It’s good they’re talking about money, though: many couples don’t and it can lead to a lot of pain in their relationships.

He thought that a biology-class themed session would be all about sex, but instead he’s learning lots of useful facts.

I find that having a pair of electrodes nestling lovingly against my skin helps keep me closely in touch with her feelings.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if I could.




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  1. And when he starts to learn orchedechtomy he will understand the ancient Greeks poetic description of his parts as a flower. One that needs pruning if the rest of him is to grow. Femsup

  2. Love the allusion to previous generations of the family be involved in the lifestyle. Didn't we all have Mothers who had those best hairbrush sets. Femsup

  3. What a lovely poetic image, Femsup! A beautiful word for a beautiful thing. Makes one think that perhaps the traditional male gift of flowers to a lady has a more profound, symbolic meaning.

    Best wishes


  4. Yes, although the tendency of females to outlive males can sometimes result in some difficult family dynamics. My SO's father and uncle have both now passed away, which gives me three sets of houses to clean. But at least there's always someone available for babysitting, so I needn't feel abandoned when she decides to have a night out.

    Best wishes


  5. I am in turn indebted to you for such lovely words. Flowers as a symbol of their masculinity and potency for her delectation and arrangement and re-arrangement. Giving up their masculinity. Femsup

  6. Yes males are a valuable resource able to give their labour to Aunt's and Mother In Laws houses as well as the household run by their Wife. Femsup

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