Subjugated verbs

Like many women, she has been liberated from repetitive household tasks by the development of automated technology.  It brings a warm glow to your heart, doesn’t it?




My SO is constantly thinking of my comfort, in almost everything she does – she’s very creative, actually.





It always amazes me quite how many subs are… shall we say somewhat overweight?  Or shall we say repulsively obese?  Whatever, I don’t suppose anyone who matters cares.  I’ve never understood it, though: why are they allowed to eat so much?



Mmmm… hard to say.  I do a nice line in self-referential self-loathing if that helps?  No?  Let’s move on.


Oddly enough, two years later Uncle Luke had to have his IQ and grumpiness taken out too, so Timmie got a playmate and a new auntie.  But that’s another story too.

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  1. so who, exactly, is jerking it to a caption about captions? Who is that for?

  2. Thank you, Diana. That sounds like a good idea. My SO is a big fan of high-maintenance FLR, but only as long as all of the maintenance work is done by me.

    Best wishes


  3. No one, I hope, Mr A. Think of them more as public symptoms of a deranged mind, rather than as anything put out there for anyone else's enjoyment and they might make more sense.

    Best wishes


  4. I for one would enjoy a caption with a cute, zealous and demanding Juche Korean GF to express my fantasy of being a proud member of anti-imperialist struggle. Or is that too stereotypical?

    – Adûnâi

  5. Offensive, politically-incorrect and thoroughly insensitive… I love it.

    If a stereotype, it is at least a modern one. I suppose one could, too, illustrate more capitalist modern stereotypes, such as a rather senior Japanese 'office lady' subjecting the 'salarymen' under her control to stringent Japanese management techniques: beginning the day with some healthy exercises and ending up in the Karaoke bar, where all the males would be required to perform k-pop routines, with appropriate costumes and all the actions. Or she could even take the highly detailed work monitoring techniques perfected by Japanese business home, to keep her husband efficiently on his toes.

    Could be lots of scope… and obviously, for causing massive offense all around, too. I'll see what I can do.

    Best wishes


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