But I got what I deserved

Tried to hurt me but now I know.


Kinksters can sometimes be over-sensitive about when something might be considered ‘public play’.  Sometimes a slap in the face is just a slap, after all and sensible bystanders will realise that.




It never did matter much, to be honest, even before I started wearing the thing.




Oh, she shouldn’t worry.  Nothing creepy about enjoying the sight of an elegant pair of ladies’ shoes.  Or the taste of them, for that matter.

Thank goodness for that.  Words can cause real pain – as can bullwhips, too, obviously.



The thing about schoolgirls is not letting them know you’re afraid of them.  Make that mistake once and you’ll be doing a lot of homework for other people, believe me.

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  1. Public play can be very empowering and effective. Rarely, if ever, do practitioners of FLR's throw caution to the wind and "just do it!" Typically we'll assess our surroundings and opt for something a little more subtle than what first comes to mind. Other times, we're able to get away with it.


  2. Thank you, Diane.

    My most 'out there' experience of public play was being slapped around the face, quite hard and quite visibly, by a domme when entering a restaurant once. I have to say I didn't feel enormously empowered, but then I don't expect I was supposed to.

    Best wishes


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