Let us not speak of darker days

 …let us rather speak of sterner days.  


Yes, more dispatches from that greatest generation: the girls who went to fight World War M… and came back as women.








0 thoughts on “Let us not speak of darker days”

  1. Hey boy why are you in here? I know you are supposed to clean our boots but you are supposed to do it when we are on patrol or working elsewhere. We don't want to see a mutt like you after a hard day. Today two of our soldiers were shot by rebel mutts. After that we don't want to come back to base and see your sorry arse.

    Aww don't cry….try to be brave. I suggest you go round the girls and ask if you can get them a drink and perhaps say how much you appreciate them.

    Pull your tiny shorts up tight and keep your eyes on the ground, ok?

    Good boy. Remember to show your sweet sissy side.


  2. He's back with his best series. Nice to see more of your World War M, these girls need the recognition they deserve!

  3. Thank you. But they don't do it for the recognition, Logan. They don't do it for the glory, or the honour, or the trophies – OK, some of them do do it for the trophies. But there's a little girl somewhere who's now going to grow up in which men know their place, in which she's free to be anything she wants to be, including a tyrant over the males in her life. They do it for her.

    Best wishes


  4. Thank you, Zoe. So do I. And I even more love girls with modern main battle tanks, stealth bombers and hypersonic missiles. It's a power thing.

    Best wishes


  5. Nice to see the rule of law in a Few Good Women is being upheld. Torture has its place being used by the civil authorities and interrogators in the military on males. Femsup

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