Slavish devotion

I don’t mind being ice cream coned in public – let’s face it, guys, we’ve all been there – but I do object to having to wait in the queue to buy her another one, with the cream oozing slowly through my hair and down my face. Especially as I know that second one’s only going into my trousers.  But my SO says it’s better that way.


Shoe fetishists have it easy.  So do humiliation freaks like me, actually: I mean, even the very worst, most cringe-making car-crash of a date can turn out to have been the best ever.




I suppose they could go and put the kettle on, then bring him out a nice hot steaming mug. Honestly, dommes can overcomplicate things some time.

These lovely ladies are at the English Mansion and the lady on the right there is Mistress Vixen, who also plays the piano rather sweetly.  ‘Behind the scenes footage of dommes not realising they were being filmed’ is an under-served fetish, possibly because it often ends in the destruction of valuable cameras (and less valuable cameramen).



It’s more difficult than it looks, you know.



She’s not easily impressed, to be honest. Especially by males who are inherently very unimpressive.


That’s your lot for today, I’m afraid!  You know the drill by now: five CtD captions, twice a week plus an occasional weekend ‘special’.  But fear not, for I bring tidings of discomfort of the most joyful kind: unto us is born a new blog.  Or, to put it less pretentiously, check out The Age of Femocracy by spicegrinder, a long-standing commentator on this blog.  It seems likely to feature brutal oppression, humiliation, pain and other fun stuff like that so do give it a go.

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  1. Thanks once again Servitor, both for your great captions and the mention! I can say from experience that being naked in the presence of one or more Dommes does funny things to the motor skills and I find myself 'all fingers and thumbs' when having to deal with buckles, straps, suspender belt clips etc but for some reason this doesn't illicit much sympathy from the Ladies!

    I'd like to ask your advice on a couple of points. My email address is on my blog, maybe you could drop me a line so we can message in private?

  2. Mine doesn’t use ice cream in public. She has me beg her and kiss her feet in public. I feel so so lowly !

  3. Estimado Sr Servitor
    Being humiliated, denied, and looking to replace women with something else. Oh the lot of we humble men.
    Estiy Un Simpatico Hombre.

  4. Sorry, it was me. My fingers were trembling from frustration-humiliation.
    Lo Siento

  5. My wife always decorates my cock cage for the Christmas season. Have to stay in the spirit you know.

  6. I can’t believe how when we go out, my wife is this loving adoring wife. When we return home, once that front door closes, she instantly turns into that dominating heartless Mistress.
    It seems women fool us and rule us guys.

  7. The girls let us boys have a night out as consolation. Sorry, I had too many beers (Demasiado Cervezas) as we guys lamented our poor second class situation to women. I suspect that women know that when we see the sorry lot of other men, we will more easily stay down. Women are so clever!!
    Las Mujers Son Reinas!

  8. With inflation, we are Seeing how much Sasha and her fellow Dommes have increased their prices. So I’m having to cut back.
    Tom T

  9. The submissive is so nervous that he can’t undo her boots because he is naked and the ladies have whips with those feared black gloves on.

  10. My wife pegs me as part of her regular exercise program to strengthen her buttock muscles. Other men certainly stare at her butt.
    Mr Loser.

  11. Thank you, Spicey. One way to avoid being 'all fingers and thumbs', I've found, is to have them neatly trussed together or cosily mittened-up. IT dooes make things even more dificult, but as my SO likes to say "Who gives a fuck about you anyway?". She's right, of course.

    Not… immensely keen on emailing, even (obviously) from a made-up account. I just prefer to be 'Servitor' here, for some reason. Does that work?

    Incidentally, I may have found out why your blog updates are not being spotted. I think your posts do not formally have titles. When you go to the compose post page, there's a line for that. I think what look like titles on your posts are just the first lines of the main text. Not sure. But worth checking.

    Best wishes


  12. Thank you Hank. So does mine. But sometimes she likes to ice cream me up first, or otherwise drench me witth gooey liquid. But then she gets furious if any of it drips on her shoes or feet! Some people can be so unreasonable… and isn't that great?

    Best wishes


  13. Gracias Alberto (by the way, we are rapidly reaching the limits of my Spanish language capabilities!).

    Sounds like you need something more productive to do with your hands. Long hours of line-writing, for example, are great for frustration and humiliation, and when your hands are trembling at the end of that, you can feel the satisifaction of a pointless job done realy badly. I'm sure there'll be some lovely senorita in your home town who'd be happy to be paid to order you to do that, and then rip them up.

    Best wishes


  14. Twas the night before Christmas and thanks to the lock; Not a twitch not a tremor from poor Frankie's cock.

    Best wishes


  15. Possibly Steve, possibly, but there are downsides to her being dominating and heartless in public too. I like to think that contempt and brutality is the way my SO shows her love for me and she does seem to love me very, very much.

    Best wishes


  16. A lot of it is higher costs – energy prices, for example, making it a lot more expensive to heat a dungeon to the ususal toasty warmth that dommes choose (in my experience), knowing their clients wil be naked.

    If you asked for – say – an overnight stay naked and shivering chained to the wall in an unheated cellar, you might find she'd offer you a discount. Can't hurt to ask, anyway.

    Best wishes


  17. My SO prefers to use me to help her exercise her arm and wrist muscles. And men who stare at her 'butt' often regret it rather quickly. Horses for courses, as they say, Mr Loser (I hope your wife kept her maiden name upon marriage by the way – who'd want to be Mrs Loser, after all?).

    Best wishes


  18. I have to comment on this older post… the ice cream humiliation idea is brilliant!! Oh my.

    And so true on having a Dominant to simplify our lives so we don’t have to go through all that rejection. It was painful before. Now, as She says, we have our sexual future in our own, hands?💦

  19. Very kind of you to say so. But I just post what I see and experience: the humdrum details of my humdrum life. I lead an empty and unsatisfying sexual life and that's just the way it should be.

    Best wishes


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