Maleness, managed

Some might say it’s not quite summer yet, so it’s a bit early to be putting him outside for the night, but she says the fresh air’s good for him.

It’s the extras that really define how well a marriage will work.  This one looks strong.


Har de har har.  Sorry about that.




Always a bit embarrassing to meet an old flame, but she’s making the effort so you should too.


You know, her relationship with Raoul would probably break down completely if you weren’t around.  Well done you.









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  1. Love the reasons he kept getting extra punishments. 34 with the strap and 25 with the cane. Love the "Quite a difficult morning for you, hmm?." Superb. Also love that he had to hurry to clean up after Raoul. Superb again.


  2. Honey, we need to talk. I am tired of your constant whining about my sister. She is only staying for a few weeks, you must be nice to her. The divorce was awful and his accusation of her whipping him all the time was a lie!

    She only disciplined him because he kept giving her very bad backchat. She has always hated cheeky. smartass remarks like that, she was always telling daddy off for it.

    Just don't answer her back. Say "yes Martha, no Martha".

    Be obedient, ok?

    If not, then we two have a problem. I cane, I don't whip, but if Martha insists you deserve a good whipping, then ok.

    Sometimes I get so mad with you. If James rings or calls you know nothing, ok?

    Good boy! Now, Martha wants her feet worshipped. So go to it, darling.


  3. Thank you, Zoe, kind of you to say so. It was quite a difficult morning for her as well, having to keep track of that, the poor thing. Fortunately she has an excellent memory.

    Best wishes


  4. That's the trouble with house-guests – sometimes they like things done differently and it can disrupt your whole routine. Personally, I would find it quite uncomfortable having someone like Martha to stay, but I expect my SO would just tell me to grin and bear it.

    Best wishes


  5. All good posts! Being staked outside seems cruel, but it would be nice in away. I’d hope for a sheepskin doggie bed and a blanket, though!

    Cleaning up after Raoul! A sissy husband’s work is never done, it seems. At least having a pretty wife makes up for it. SaraE

  6. Yes, it's all worth it just to see the happy smile on her pretty face when I appear at the bedroom door with yet another box of extra-large condoms. Honestly, I don't know how he gets through them so fast.

    Best wishes


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