0 thoughts on “Tie me up tie me Downton”

  1. I, for one, love your Downton Domination captions. Kink-ifying Downton Abbey images were some of my favorite posts back on my own old blog. Keep the fire burning, Servitor!

  2. Then you're in the right place… it's all British including the bad teeth and the paradoxically smug self-loathing.

    Many thanks for stopping by.

    Best wishes


  3. Bad teeth? What cave have you been lost in? The Brits today enjoy the benefits of comprehensive dental care. Smiles on that island have improved immensely! They conquered most of the world for centuries… but couldn’t figure out how to use a freakin toothbrush? JKidding!! 😂😂

  4. Yeah, I don't get out much, Mr A. It's this damn chain she keeps me on. But you're right: a lot of things have changed in Britain since the Downton days: no empire, better teeth, indoor plumbing, no more foxhunting. And what about corporal punishment (a question to which this blog's usual answer is 'yes please!')? The cane used to be employed freely in schools, whereas now it's only ever employed very expensively in discreet locations bookable by appointment. O tempora and all that…

    Yet this blog, now in its 94th year or some such, carries on blithely. It's just sheer bloody-mindedness to be honest.

    Many thanks for your amusing comment.

    Best wishes


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