The nymphs tread out their ground, fa la

 .. for now is the month of MayingFa la la la la la la la.

A latex-shining session?  Pah – that’s practically vanilla.  You’ve got a proper femdom activity booked, you have, so go ahead and enjoy every authentic moment of it.

That’s a shame, as the date was going quite well up to that point.  Maybe they’ll leave you their phone numbers.

My SO is fine with me deciding for myself what I want to eat when we go out to a restaurant.  She doesn’t usually let me have it, of course.

Don’t worry, she’s only planning to shoot to wound.  Much more fun that way.

The shapely ankles and calves within these elegant boots belong to Miss Chambers, of Cruella fame.  Now if only we could see her lovely, lovely nose too.

That’s a good clause.  I have it tattooed on me, just in case I ever forget.

Oh, and as a little bonus, I just discovered this delightful thing and felt compelled to share it. 

#Chris Pine from Entertainment Weekly

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  1. And not only the right thing to be eat but the right ways to eat them. Often on the floor at Women's feet. Femsup

  2. Honey, we need to talk, OK? I have been talking to Joanna about the Sissy Men Support Group you and Brian have been attending.

    Brian brought home a pamphlet which can only be described as perverted. It was advocating equality for men in marriage and the right for men to vote

    What concerns me, sweetie, is that you haven't mentioned to me that such awful things are discussed at these meetings. I can only assume that you were lying when you told me that you guys only discuss recipes, fashion and make-up tips and the best way to show appreciation of your wife at home.

    I am very disappointed, darling

    You will not be attending any more, OK?

    I cannot allow you to be exposed
    to such nonsense.

    Also, I want you to explain why you lied to me

    Oh, so it was just one of the other guys who talked about the pamphlet, was it? You didn't see it and think you are privileged enough in our marriage.

    OK, that is sweet, but what about voting?

    Right, you don't understand politics, that is for women only.

    OK, good boy. After the new year I'll decide if you can meet with a few of the more sensible guys, but you will have to report to me what you talked about and if any silliness is happening again.

    Now get on with your chores


  3. Sounds like a very effective intervention, Ms Zoe. I hope Honey comes to understand that you're doing it for him, really. Without firm guidance – the firmer and guidier the better – sissies can come badly undone.

    Best wishes


  4. Servitor, there two types of Sissy. Obedient ones and Stupid ones.

    The Obedient ones strive to please and to improve themselves. They learn how to cook nutritious meals, to do their makeup and to please their women. They are rewarded by being allowed to worship feet or to spend time with their wives or girlfriends.

    The Stupid ones are constantly in trouble or are being punished. They don't last long as women get bored with them

    At first the Stupid ones may seem sexy, even manly as they try to be Alpha men

    However, a woman needs her shopping done, her house cleaned, her sissy slave to be a good boy.

    She can get a sexy man anytime.


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