Implacable taste

Let’s hope this little misunderstanding is sorted out quickly.  Fortunately, it looks like she’s on the case.



She’ll rearrange you till you’re sane.  Or not.





Why are consequences never nice consequences?  I once asked my SO that, but she just laughed and hit me in the face. 




He’s actually called Trent but thank goodness he’s around, anyway – one less thing to worry about on the big day.

Just a fantasy, obviously.  She is far too professional for any such an on-screen slip-up in real life.  The guy on the right seems like rather a forward young man, don’t you think?

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  1. Love the look in the eye of the pretty lady telling her sub to eat the cactus. She looks fierce! Zoe

  2. Darling, come here. We need to talk. Now Richard and I have booked a month in Bali from 1 August, ok?

    Now, when I go away I usually have a cucksitter to look after you, do you remember babe?

    Unfortunately my mother and your mother are both away. I can't leave you with next door, you need 24 hour supervision. Pardon? No. don't worry darling I will tell you what I am going to do.

    My friend in the "Paradise Curry House" has agreed to look after you if you work in the kitchens, helping the cooks. Sometimes you may be allowed to worship the pretty girl's feet when the restaurant is quiet. Wont that be fun?

    Oh, don't worry it has been agreed. You will sleep in a small room at the back of their house, near the boiler. They have a slave who you can sleep with and keep company. He likes pretty sissy men like you. so be nice to him. He is called Boomer….or Master to you.

    Now, darling I want you to read all you can on Bengali culture so you know what to say to the folk in the family. The men rarely speak to slaves and so they will ignore you. You are used to Richard ignoring you, so that should be fine. The women will organize your work and sleep and what you eat. They will continue disciplinary punishments and any corrective ones too. These will be reported to me by Email whilst I am in Bali, ok?

    Now darling, I know you will be a good boy. At the end of this week Asmiah, the owner of the restaurant and a powerful and beautiful woman, will test you on Bengali culture.

    So concentrate and learn. One thing you must know is that when Asmiah arrives you do not look at her face. You kneel and stare at her feet, until she speaks to you. You call her Goddess, and obey her every command. I will get a daily Email on your behavior and I will punish you and ask for a full explanation for any bad reports, understand?

    I am really looking forward to a trip to Bali, I will have to buy some summery clothes and get my hair coloured too. It is one of those places I have dreamed of visiting! I just mentioned it to Richard and the next thing I knew was he had booked it for us. He is such an Alpha man, darling.

    Now worship my feet, good boy!


  3. Oh, she's a kind-hearted soul, really. As long as she gets her way in everything, immediately, all the time. Let's just say, the cactus was indeed eaten and all was well.

    Best wishes


  4. Sounds splendid, Ms Zoe. I believe Kolkata is in Bengal, named after the rather inspiring goddess Kali, so I imagine your darling has a spiritually uplifting journey ahead of him.

    Best wishes


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