Dressed to oppress

Argh!  It’s worse than when waiters do this… write it down!



Time to discover some traditional small-town values, I suggest.




You might as well be comfortable, while writhing in agony, after all.



Can a truly life-long relationship be founded on such flimsy foundations as a boots fetish and financial exploitation?  Do you think he or she cares?

Kitten has sharp claws, daddy issues and some serious rage to work through.


0 thoughts on “Dressed to oppress”

  1. Like Tony the tiger says "Its' Crrrrrrate" I think she would be able to remember as TNY is in the registration and he is tiny down there. So there's a nmonic for her.

  2. Thank you. I think the crrrate pun is possibly too bad even for this blog – where the bar is low indeed. Moving on… she won't have any difficulty remembering. The number is a bit like the date of one of her cousins' birthdays. Or something. Anyway: she'll be fine.

    Best wishes (femsup??)


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