Fiercely feminine

Take it from me as a long-serving married man, you really don’t want to discuss it.  Let alone ‘discuss’ it.






There’s a thin line between chivalry and criminal sexism but fortunately we have women to help police that line – and run the re-education camps for anyone who teeters over it.




He’s just a bit nervous about getting married… which is silly, really, when you think about it.




Actually, the entire blog is literally nothing but a lot of fuss over a little smacked bottom.  With wholly inadequate thinking time set aside for it.


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  1. And lines are often drawn physically as well as metaphorically at the re education camp just in front of the toes of the offender. And if he steps over them then a rain of whip blows will come down oh him.

  2. Yes indeed. Lines are drawn – or simply appear, initially a delicate rose-like pink that later turns angry red or even blackish purple, especially if the lines start to merge together into one lovely big bruise.

    Best wishes


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