Misfortunate males

Oh dear, not again.  You’d think she’d have learnt to be more careful by now.




My SO promised me, when she brought out my first little maid’s dress that if it ever became too humiliating, I could take it off.  So far, apparently it never has – in fact, she generally thinks it’s not humiliating enough – so we’ve not really tested that, but it’s good to know.  Safeguards are important.



Respect is very important in a marriage.

Young people in love can be so romantic… let’s hope he gets out of their way quickly.

This humble slave once assumed ‘supplication position #3’ to ask its revered and powerful Mistress whether She would gracefully consent to granting Her humble slave the precious gift of a high-protocol BDSM relationship, but she just told it to fuck off and stop being so irritating.







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