Heels over head in love

Like many submissive men, I pay not to have sex. 

At school, once, this boy and I were talking about some girl and he said “I’d like to get in her knickers!”  So when, a few weeks later, after a midnight excursion, I was able to tell him I was in her knickers, I thought he’d be jealous.  But he wasn’t, oddly enough. It was just a misunderstanding.  How we laughed. The whole class laughed, if I remember rightly.

Benji is actually the Honourable Sir Benjamin Kettleworth-Harcourt, FRCS, but of course he can neither remember nor pronounce that.

Married couples should talk about their interests more.

How does she know I’m scrumptious?  I didn’t detect a French accent, there.

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  1. I hope the husbands in the captions 1 and 4 are locked in a chastity device while their wifes go out to get fucked. And let's also hope that the "men" in the caption 2 carries the bags and pays for the girls stuff during their weekly shopping: it's the less he can do to show his gratitude to be allowed near them.

  2. Yes, let's hope that these womens are aware of the existence of chastity devices. If they leave their husbdands alone in the house for a few hours they'll use this time to jerk off, instead of doing useful things for their wifes while they're busy with another men, like cleaning the house or cooking a nice meal for her return.
    Mens can be so selfish.

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