Intended consequences

I wonder why she didn’t get much sleep? Probably worrying you might be cold out there, the sweet thing.
Good to know it’s nice and strong. Nothing worse than the feeling that one of your bonds is working loose , when you’re screaming, thrashing around in agony and pleading for mercy, is there?
I often accompany my SO to the hairdresser – the girls there have a kind of competition to see who can give me the stupidest-looking cut.
I think she’s getting the hang of ‘it’the domination sex thing’. The trick is not to get hung up on the ‘sex’ bit.
Tsk… any time you’re ready, ladies!
Maybe she just lacks confidence, the poor thing. Doesn’t want to embarass herself by not being quite the accomplished lesbian, when it’s finally time for you to watch in mute frustration. Fortunately, she’s always been a quick learner.

7 thoughts on “Intended consequences”

  1. It’s amazing all the emotions that lesbian lovers draw out from straight men. It’s a sight to behold.

    1. Right on sister! I really enjoy how how women making out and how they use dildos on each other makes men feel how useless their penis is.
      It’s also empowering to put a chastity cage on it, and then have him lick you to multiple orgasm while he gets none. Once again showing how unnecessary his dick is.
      Actually I much prefer licking with fingering to any dildo.
      Whether straight or lesbian, it’s vagina power.

      1. Men are caged so they learn to focus entirely on the woman’s pleasure, and her pleasure being their only pleasure, all the while giving her cuddling, hugs, kisses all over her body, caresses, being affectionally touched, and emotionally connected with her.
        It’s no wonder straight women watch lesbian porn.
        Women are put off by his five minutes of thrusting, squirting and then falling to sleep.

        1. Thank you all. I’ve never really understood why not all women are lesbians as it just seems preferable on almost every single level. I guess we males are lucky some women are straight, though, so they can lock us in chastity and drive us mad with frustration directly, rather than locking us in chastity and driving us mad with frustration with their girlfriends.

          Men lucked out – we just don’t deserve women. Thankfully, more and more women are coming to realise that.

          Best wishes


          1. In fact ,it is something I usually discuss,with my friends, and I would like to comment here.
            My point is that, as lesbian sex is everyday more visible, more women try it and usually the women who try it prefer it. So maybe we will soon arrive to a future where almost all women are lesb


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