The wrongs of man

Power drill play… not for everyone, obviously.  Just for you.

Despite the harsh look of the place, it’s actually more an institution for rehabilitation and education, rather than punishment as such. Of course, it all hurts, but there’s a purpose to it, that’s all I’m saying.

I don’t see why funerals have to be sad. I want my own funeral to be a joyous occasion, and when I told my SO that, She laughed and said it almost certainly would be.
See – and you were complaining about her fucking other men!  All square now, right?
More fun than a trireme: you get to jog along the road in the fresh air.

0 thoughts on “The wrongs of man”

  1. … and if rehabilitation and education aren't really successful, girls in a latex form begin their drill games!
    Thank You, Servitor!

  2. Yes indeed. And of course a drill game can be an education in itself. You know what they say: spare the power drill, spoil the submissive.

    Thank you Alex!

  3. Just writing (With permission from my dorm officer Ms Stern to say rehabilitation and re education has worked wonders for me.Scrubbing the floor dressed in my bright pink uniform shorts and plimsolls is a little different from being a company director.My language is very appropriate now "Coming to regular spanking session ma'am"

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