Drama. Queens.


I once asked my SO for a public humiliation session.  So She made me start a blog in which I had to publish all my sick, dark and bleak fantasies from my miserable life. It’s going quite well.

You could try telling her that your ‘trophy’ is barely worth collecting.

They’re going to be discussing mens’ rights quite extensively, I understand.

Don’t worry – they’re not going to throw them all at your face.  Pretty soon, they’ll move on to other parts of your body.

0 thoughts on “Drama. Queens.”

  1. I simply cannot get enough of your hunting / gun captions. That is such a cool fantasy and you are pretty much the only person I have found who has brought it to life. You are a master of your work.

  2. Thank you. Always good to have positive feedback (although I do also hand over large sums of cash from time to time to receive highly specific negative feedback from a very Special Someone).

    I have a few more like those in my giant teetering pile of unposted captions, and I'll try to put a few out.

  3. "Let", Mr U? There is no 'let'. They might kindly condescend to allow you to receive their apples, that's all.

    … and thank you for commenting!

  4. Not sure why I came up as unknown….and i am sure they would,have me ried in place to make my mouth an easier target.

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