Stocking fillers

Always such a rush… I mean, you wait all year for Christmas, then…



Many submissive men are rather bad at shorthand, which is a shame as most dominant ladiies really enjoy dictating.



I once jokily asked a domme if she did ‘big penis humiliation’ – and rather to my surprise she said she did, although as it turned out most of the actual work in-session was done by her friend Marcus.



No, no… don’t make me sniff that stinky stocking, Brer Mistress!




If you’re crying more often than you’re coming you’ve reached next-level sub status. Either that or you’re much too young to be reading this blog.

0 thoughts on “Stocking fillers”

  1. Dear Mistress Cubbins, It has been a long time since I made a humble request on 7 May to ask if I might be released from Chastity and I understand that you, quite reasonably refused that request. Since then I have sold my house and car so I would like to ask, humbly and respectfully if I might be unlocked now that I can add two zeroes to the end of the financial offer I made in May? Please Mistress, please. And my shorthand is improving. Yours very very respectfully, G. Harcourt

  2. Stockings, legs to die for!! Beautiful and dangerous. Women are either indifferently bored with me, use me, or show disdain for me. Yet I’m addicted to them.

  3. Sounds like splendid progress, Mr Harcourt. Most commendable. I have passed your missive on to Vickie – as everyone but you is allowed to call her – and I'll let you know if there is any reply.

    Best wishes


  4. That is the nature of these things, Frank, Mr A… there's no sense trying to resist. I wonder whether the inventor of nylon ever glimpsed the earth-shattering consequences of his creativity?

    Best wishes


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