Oblivion is all you crave

Goodness me, I remember adoring (and by ‘adoring’, dear readers, I mean surreptitiously masturbating to) the Robert Palmer video of Addicted to Love from which that title is taken, when it first came out in 1985.  But generally when I trace my 80’s obsessions (= things I masturbated to) they are blurry messes*, much like my brain at the time.  But this has been digitally re-mistressed in HD remarkably well.  Worth a look.

Of course, as everyone likes to note, the models in the video were famously unconvincing as musicians. All of them lost the beat at various points (just look at their legs – no hardship that – around 1.25) and the second from the right never seems to have found it (and plays the guitar by tickling it), while the drummer acts as if her drums asked her not to leave any marks, before the session started.  Wikipedia says that a musician hired to teach them how to do it gave up after about an hour and left, and rumour has it (but I can’t see it) that if you look really closely you can see them mouthing “one-two-three-four… one-two-three-four…” as they do the moves.

But that’s the point!  It’s like my occasional captions featuring wildly ignorant or uninformed ladies acting out school scenes, thrashing their clients for providing what were actually the right answers**.  They can be totally incompetent but they are still infinitely superior goddesses to be worshiped absolutely.  They don’t need to earn that adoration in any way whatsoever.***

That’s my philosophy, anyway.  Maybe not up there with Socrates or Kant but it works for me.

Stop blithering and get on with the captioned images, you say?  Why of course.

Servitor top tip: any conversation featuring the words ‘scrotal clamps’ is bound to be a little uncomfortable.  Just go with it.

I hope the other one doesn’t get jealous.

Why experience a pointless and meaningless death when instead you can devote the – short and agonising – remainder of your life to making someone happy?

I’ve always been lucky that way.  From my very first date, actually.

He’s rather forgettable.  Sometimes that serves him in good stead, as being noticed too much can be painful.

* Oh God, The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight.  So… about the first 30 seconds of that featured on some BBC music show when I was a teenager… and then stopped! AAAAH! And there was no Internet, dear children, and the only way you could see a music video was if some TV show chose to play it.  And I had never, ever seen any actual porn featuring an actual dominatrix, just that one glimpse (with heart thudding) of Valerie in that Pink Panther and… and… I watched music TV obsessively for years just in the hope that… and it never… oh, it was a different world, dear children, a different world.

** There’s a few of them.  This for instance – way back when! That earned me several comments helpfully pointing out that Sydney is not actually the… oh well.  Second in popularity only to the opposite theme, of dommes taking school sessions way too seriously and trying to impart actual knowledge.


*** The goddesses, according to Wikipedia , are “Julie Pankhurst (keyboard), Patty Kelly (guitar), Mak Gilchrist (bass guitar), Julia Bolino (guitar), and Kathy Davies (drums).”

**** As it is nearly Christmas, let’s have a little look at the parody in Love, Actually, too shall we? Yes, we’ll do that. And that is still lower video quality than the re-mistressed Palmer video!  But the goddesses are goddesses and that’s the main thing.


***** Yes, I know there’s no asterisk marks beyond three in the main text above.  But sometimes you start something and it’s hard to stop.

****** Readers based in (or prepared to undergo any amount of travel time to) the UK, who find the look of the goddesses in this video exciting, might be advised to approach (very respectfully indeed) a real-life Goddess, namely Serena.  She is extraordinarily wonderful and indeed used to be a model.

0 thoughts on “Oblivion is all you crave”

  1. Mercy Castration
    My being addicted to being sexually humiliated has led my woman to call for me to be mercifully castrated. She must love me as she doesn’t want me to suffer anymore. Said that energy could be more productively used to garden, do house repairs and chores, etc. Moreover, she said it is really easy to get it done legally now with all of the trans gender surgery being done. Further she also said castration is just starting to grow, as now only a few wives are asking for it, but more will do so in the future, as it gets more common.
    No scrotal clamps, no sexual humiliation or sexual frustration anymore.

  2. And I'm thinking that you and I are of a similar age. The 80s were a wonderful time for music videos featuring women and kinky situations. .

  3. Thank you, Hank. Yes, as my SO sometimes points out, castration has all kinds of medical advantages while also reducing the chances of some kind of nasty sticky mess being produced and staining the carpet or – worse still – my genes continuing to pollute the gene pool. She keeps forgetting to fix up the appointment, as she's got more important things to think about, but it's definitely on the to-do list.

    Best wishes


  4. Hi Tom

    The yummy Shania Twain is my kind of thing (ah… would that I were hers) and I love the widow veil look('fascinator'? 'fascinatrix' even?) but the males bopping aimlessly behind her aren't I'm afraid. In preparing this post, I read the Wikipedia entry on Addicted to Love and it mentioned several similar videos. One is a follow-up by Mr Palmer himself, the lucky little bastard, and will feature here in a few weeks. But the others mainly feature gender role-reversal, which I'm fine with in some contexts, but not when it replaces goddesses with himbos. Blurred Lines had a similar fate, I believe.

    Shania Twain has some kind of femdom previous form, doesn't she? I vaguely recall…

    Best wishes


  5. I think so. And there were proper tunes too… ones you could tap your foot along to, not like the modern rubbish young people listen to today.

    Well… tap your foot when you weren't masturbating furiously, anyway.

    Ah well. There are advantages in being older. Being able to afford to visit dominatrices, for instance. That's nice.

    Best wishes


  6. Amigos.
    Back in the old country women made you feel like a king and a servant, all at the same time.

  7. That video made quite an impression on me at that time too… the whole LBD, sheer tights and heels outfit has been a fave ever since. What struck me most was the 'neutral' facial expressions. My mum used to have 'The Clothes Show' on every Sunday teatime and I was fascinated by the model's facial expressions. Really attractive ladies in sexy clothes with facial expressions that ranged from 'arrogant disdain', through 'get away from me you pathetic piece of shit' to 'I hate you and wish to hurt you'. Kind of made me want to get closer whilst being terrified of doing so… made me the 'man' I am today!

  8. Some of us never left the old countries, Alberto. It's not all castles and fairy tale princesses, you know, although there are enough of the latter to make life worth living.

    Best wishes


  9. Hi Spicey. I couldn't agree more. At various times it has been quite a common 'look' in fashion mags and advertisements too – worked for me as a nervous, awkward teenager, works for me now as a nervous awkward old fool.

    Anyway… Goddess Serena, like I said. Really.

    Best wishes


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