A bit of harmful fun

Some might say it’s too late for that but every little helps.

“Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.”

OK, so it seems I’ve used this one before.  Extra captioned image now posted below, with thanks to an anonymous commenter who isn’t femsup for spotting it.  If it’s any consolation, seven of the forty-three clauses in that contract do have that exact same text – just to make sure.


Makes a change from the more traditional British party games, like ‘Musical gimp’.’Spin the gimp’ or (my personal least favourite) ‘Pin the tail on the gimp.’


Sometimes the wisest thing for our forces of law and order to do is to hold back and watch the males truly fuck things up, as only a male can.  Teachable moment, here.




Another teachable moment.  What an educational post it’s been today.  See you next time.


Or see you right now for that extra image I promised!


Apparently it works better than caffeine.


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  1. Yes he might whistle, but those long black gloves are sometimes known as castration gloves. Must I say bye bye balls? Adios Mis Cajones??

  2. Very touching story.
    Recently a nearby neighbor wanted to have her husband castrated, not out of punishment but to improve their relationship. He agreed out of deep love for her. While he was on the operating stretcher she held his hand, while they looked each other in their eyes with deep love, as he was cut open. Then they allowed her to cut the cords. I’m crying while writing it. He does get low doses of testosterone for his health. But you should see how much they are in love now. He already was a good husband, but now he is softer, more tender, more loving, more emotionally committed, and more domestic. Both are happier without his urges as they now focus on an emotionally connected relationship. More deeply in love!!
    Sorry, I’m so romantic. More tears.

  3. These differently signed comments written with similar grammar playing out these same stories in every comment section are getting tiring. I write this as someone who has himself been mistaken for femsup multiple times.

    Anyways, either i am a precog or caption number 2 is a repeat.

  4. Oops, so it is. That's not supposed to happen. I carefully move posted pictures into a different folder so… so… OK, obviously it didn't work in this case. Consider yourself to have earned everyone (no matter how many different people with different names constitute 'everyone' an extra image, never before posted (fingers crossed!) at the bottom.

    I'm always impressed by how some readers' retention of the images is better than my own. That said, I would obviously remember them whether posted or not. Oh I'll stop gibbering on…

    Best wishes


  5. Castration gloves often double up as masturbation gloves. It's not ideal but neither of those two functions is likely to be needed often, so it's silly to buy two pairs.

    Best wishes


  6. Hey Mr Atkinson, thanks for coming to see me. I wanted to discuss the marks you gave me for my maths test, ok? No, nothing for you to worry about. It's just I wasn't expecting a D minus that's all.

    Yes you may kneel at my feet as we talk. This office of you is quite big, isn't it. This chair is nice and comfy too. I like it when sissy slave teachers are looked after. No, you may not kiss my shoes, I am annoyed with you, remember?

    Why, thank you Mr Atkinson, that is very generous. I think it is a wise move to revisit my paper and see what you can do. You must be punished though, that's only fair, Mr Atkinson.

    Am I prepared to redo the test if you supply a sheet with the answers on? I am afraid that is not how this is going to go down, sissy. You will write my name at the top and you will write the correct answers, ok? You think I am going to go back and redo the test, who do you think you are talking to? Princess Zoe, correct.

    Remember I have pics and vids of your visits to mommy. Goddess Kimberley. I will tell her you said hello, ok?

    Can you fetch me a coffee, before the next lesson? Good sissy. Thanks so much.


  7. It's important that grades should be accorded only for merit. Myself, I can think of no one who merits high grades more than an incipient dominatrix / findomme or anyone less deserving than some sweaty male nerd who's good at maths, so it's pretty clear how that should work.

    Best wishes


  8. ''Good morning, Mr Atkinson. Can I have a word, please? Yes, now! Is there a problem.''

    ''Well, Miss Zoe, I have to be in class like right now, for my next lesson.''

    ''If you didn't argue so much, you wouldn't be late. Would you?''

    ''I am sorry. What is it you want, Miss Zoe?''

    ''I have a list of books here that I need for Mathematics, History and Geography. Please buy them for me aa soon as possible. The Maths book is quite expensive, but there you are! Thanks sissy.''

    ''I can't do that. How can I buy books for you, or any other student?''

    ''Pardon? Were my instructions unclear?''

    ''No Miss. Very clear. But I can't buy books for you. Sorry Miss Zoe I really must get to class now.''

    ''Hang on Sissy. I am not happy. We will talk later. This is not finished. Off you go.''

    ''You are so kind, Miss. Thank you.''


  9. Mr Atkinson is talking to another teacher. I go over and interrupt. The other teacher, scurries off looking worried.

    ''What is it, Miss Zoe. This is my break, what?''

    ''Attitude adjustment first, Mr Atkinson. You really are a tiresome little man. I wanted to ask why the books I requested from you haven't arrived yet. Don't tell me you can't buy my books, That is a lie, and lying teachers get in big trouble. So?''

    ''Miss Zoe, this is very irregular, very. I must admit they are on order and should be delivered tomorrow. Sorry, Miss.''

    ''Well, that is an improvement on last week, when you had a very bad attitude over this.''

    ''Sorry, Miss. Your mother, Goddess Kimberley spoke to me on the matter. I now understand I must do as you say. My sore bottom is testimony to her adorable instruction to me, Miss Zoe.''

    ''Good boy, Sissy. You may go now.''


  10. I think every schoolteacher has that one very special student they always remember, Ms Zoe. Sounds like you were that student for Mr Atkinson. And perhaps he for you? After all, the most important thing one can learn from a teacher isn't knowledge but values and it seems his reached the right place.

    Best wishes


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