O Fearefull frowning Nemesis

Daughter of Justice, most severe / That art the world’s great Arbitresse / And Queene of causes raigning heere.

Don’t try explaining that it’s too late to do anything about it now. She knows exactly what she intends to do about it, and it’s never too late.
Ironically enough, Pam herself has slaves make the cakes. But I doubt that’ll do him any good.

The wonderful Mistress Sidonia of course, Head Mistress and goddess incarnate at the English Mansion.

What Colin has here is a failure not to communicate. But I’m sure he’ll be given some very direct feedback to help him improve.
She’s got you there.
Speak softly and always carry a massive dildo.

3 thoughts on “O Fearefull frowning Nemesis”

  1. My god, sir. Another set of winning captions, but that Heart-Stopping Beauty one is next level, as are all of the ones featuring Her in politics. Those were what first captured my attention, and they’re the ones that bring me back here week after week in hopes of more.
    Articulate and clever; insightful and self-effacing; and always so wonderfully insinuating. “Anne Makes a Call,” while not political, continues to resonate with me. The “Men Are Our Greatest Asset Act.” “Good Hair Day.” Brilliant. I am a fan, sir.
    Additional thanks for switching sites. That cannot have been easy, but I do prefer the ease and comfort of coming here, rather than having to go through the checkpoints set up at the old location.
    Thank you again, Servitor, for all of this.

    1. Many thanks for taking the trouble to write such a kind and generous comment, David. I greatly appreciate such gestures, which is odd considering how much I spend on ladies to abuse and pour scorn upon me, in other contexts. But people are complicated, even males to some extent.

      For anyone interested, the three images David refers to are here, here and here.

      I’ll admit that there has not been much Heart-Stopping Beauty on the site recently, outnumbered for example by the occasions on which I have been Surprised by Joy. But in any pantheon there can only be one supreme goddess, so we must do something to remedy that blasphemous absence and I do have, oh… about 12 divine Anne images unpublished as yet.

      So… three pieces of good news. First, the efforts involved in trying to find the images you referred to led me to more shots from the ‘Anne Makes a Call’ and ‘Bad Hair Day’ photoshoots, so that’s promising. Second, I think perhaps we need to celebrate Hathaday properly this year (November 12th – as you undoubtedly already know, David, but just for any non-observant readers). Finally, David, in thanks for your comment, the posts this coming Tuesday and Friday will each feature some Heart-Stopping Beauty.

      Best wishes


      P.S. Do you see what happened there, readers? David took the trouble to leave a thoughtful comment here and he got rewarded. Now, I’m not saying that will happen every time, most times or even necessarily ever again, but you never know, do you? Just a thought.

      1. Thank you, Servitor. I eagerly await the coming week and look forward to November, which is unusual for most of us here in the States, politically speaking.

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