Long to reign over us



Like many dommes, she’s actually the kindest person you could ever meet. Although she must know that the poor thing’s probably already dead, she’s going to pull and push and press and kick with all her might, if there’s still a chance that could get it out unharmed
Yes – useful tip there: it’s a ‘storage space’.  I went to the out of town furniture superstore and asked to see beds with an inbuilt cuckie closet and the saleswoman gave me ever such a funny look.  She took me to the right section, though, so I suppose that it was all right.  And she even let Raoul and my wife try the mattress out, so in the end it worked out quite well for everyone.
Yeah, lots of people say size doesn’t matter but they’re not the ones being used as pain-toys because it’s all they’re good for, now, are they?
 The glorious Gigi Allens, of course.  Is there a sadder phrase anywhere on the Internet than her self-description as a ‘former professional dominatrix’?  Howl!

Actually, for me it was the maid’s costume in that movie.  Mrrrrow!


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  1. All of these were perfect. There is not a bad one in the bunch. You were on fire with these. And ending with Heart Stopping Beauty. What a great friday.

  2. Your Anne Hathaway captions are one of the greatest running storylines in fetish blogging ever. I love them. I actually feel a little charge run up my spine whenever I realize "Yes! Servitor's posting a new Anne Hathaway!"

  3. Awww.. thank you. You're very kind. Actually, I write captions at one time and when I post just select five more or less at random from the backlog. So the five aren't particularly connected, it's just one of those things. One might equally get five rubbish ones. Or more than equally, to be honest. But thank you for the comment!

  4. Goodness. I thought it was only me and that my regular readers just tolerated Servitor's private obsession with The Lady Herself. Thank you both.

  5. Splendid. Tingling your spine is what the blog's here for, Declan. You know that the phrase you want to click in the word cloud thingy there is "Heart-stopping beauty", right?

    Mr A up there obviously does… you guys are really paying much more attention than I give you credit for, you know. You'll be telling me you've hacked the secret code in every month's first post that gives you Mistress Eleise de Lacy's private in-session cam next…

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