She knows best

So do stop arguing, hmm? It’s very tiresome.

My SO has a very simple system for detecting when I’m lying: she assumes I am unless I can prove otherwise and whips me accordingly. Good thing for me everything on this blog is nothing but the honest-to-Goddess, cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-be-whipped truth.

Whereas disturbed sleep patterns can actually have detrimental long-term consequences, so really this is much better all round.
What’s got purple testicles and screams in agony? Give up?

With thanks to a commenter below, I’ll note that the smiling lady is Mistress Mona Rogers, whose pinned Tweet (X?) reports “it is time to announce my retirement”, alas. I wish her well and hope she still has a great deal to smile about.

Your penis would only very marginally add to the total quantity of penis involved anyway, so it’s really not a problem.
Don’t worry, she’s a very different person from her mother, with completely different ideas on how to treat the man in her life. Equally brutal, true, but different .

4 thoughts on “She knows best”

  1. Mistress Mona Rogers! So great to see a photo of her again. It’s been a while. Truly a special person. Her Masocast (podcast) episode is the best!

    1. Thank you. I have amended the text to acknowledge her properly and included a link to her Twitter (‘her X’?). She appears indeed to be delightfully smiley but distressingly retired from professional work; a great pity.

      Best wishes


  2. Oh, that biscuit! And it wasn’t a particularly nice biscuit. I wonder why she was so upset about it? And she had left it out on a plate and it was only going to go stale and dry if I hadn’t eaten it. Its a bit like that time she left a banana out on its own in the kitchen when she knew I hadn’t had any breakfast. That was a serious whipping. I can’t stand bananas now. Anybody who didn’t know my divine Mistress might think that she actually enjoyed using that whip but I know (as she explains) that it is entirely for my own good and she regards it as a wifely duty – although she does disappear to her bedroom afterwards, sometimes before she has even untied me.
    I could perhaps tell her that I know that my status in our relationship is to be ready to take whatever punishment she thinks appropriate, whenever it please her and she doesn’t need excuses like bananas or biscuits.
    But maybe best to keep those thoughts to myself while I go and put the whip on the dining room table.

    1. See, sissy, I don’t think ‘upset’ is quite the right word. Mistress doesn’t get upset over little things like that. But she is a bit disappointed.

      It’s not about the biscuit. Well, it is, obviously, but she’s made a lot of efforts over the years to make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet, and when you steal food like that, it’s almost like you’re telling her you’re not grateful for that, you know? And it is stealing, proper stealing, because the biscuit belongs to her, after all. She’s kind enough to buy you clothes, food and let you live in her house, as well as giving you a sense of purpose in life. And you repay her by stealing a biscuit.

      But she’s not going to whip you out of anger. It’s just the best way to help you understand the importance of these things – and I have to say your comment here shows a distressing lack of appreciation of everything she does for you.

      So… yeah: disappointed. But you’ll improve, don’t worry. She cares too much to just let you drift without changing your attitude. You need her help seeing why it matters, that’s all.

      Best wishes


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