The Shape of Things to Come

Just a minor post to put up a few things I’ve been playing around with, using the Stable Diffusion AI. It doesn’t do photorealistic images (or at least when it does and they feature humans, it is seriously weird) but with a lot of tries (most not shown here) I got some mildly intriguing artistic effects.

I imagine this is going to be huge, when photo images get better (see Paltego’s latest post at Femdom Resource). Not quite yet, although already I find myself suspecting images of big-eyed ladies with perfect skin on Tumblr of being AI-generated – and some admit to being so. I have always held out against fake images to caption on this blog (photo-shopped actress heads on dominatrix bodies and so on) but eventually, I suppose, a difference that makes no difference is no difference at all.

Anyway, in this post this blog is sticking rigorously to its established policy of never posting anything remotely realistic, so I am not trying to make convincing photos; rather, below you will find some attempts at AI art.

We’ll start with a few ‘artistic’ takes on Gal Gadot (I found that specifying an actress with well-defined features – and her features are beautifully well-defined – led to much better results, as otherwise the AI would produce generic blurred faces).

I like this one. Kind of avant-garde disciplinary governess; one can imagine it illustrating John Glassco’s An English Governess

I played around with a few artistic styles. Most didn’t work well, but it can generate pretty good Aubrey Beardsley (simple line and black-and-white images, plus the originals are frankly pretty kinky already) and I also quite liked what it did when I asked for traditional Japanese dominatrices, although people more familiar than I am with real Japanese art are welcome to disagree!

Beardsley strict governess
Dali domme, obviously
I assume the characters don’t actually mean anything? They don’t when it produces English either – just some squiggles resembling letters. But I think it looks good.
And another
“Curiouser and curiouser” Alice thought to herself, as she watched the White Rabbit tremblingly kiss the outstretched whip and pull down its breeches for a whipping.
This is apparently a ‘funny cartoon with a dominatrix’. Hmmm. Not sure I get the joke, but it is intriguing. It reminds me a lot of art that used to come from Eastern Europe under communism… and the BBC would sometimes show very weird (but not kinky) Czechoslovakian cartoons. Of course, things later got a LOT better in Czech lands, in so so many ways.
Same prompt, but this one looks like a New Yorker cartoon. Once again, the ‘funny dominatrix cartoon’ is not in the least funny, so I have to admit it really is a very realistic New Yorker cartoon.

And finally a few items of ‘steampunk dungeon furniture’. Not sure they’re entirely practical but they are rather forbidding and I for one would not like to test them out…

3 thoughts on “The Shape of Things to Come”

  1. Try for an AI image generator specifically designed for pornography.

    1. Thank you, I’ll give it a go. The world will be an interesting place if that AI is the first to go ‘foom!’ and suddenly achieve sentience.

      Best wishes


      1. is another AI designed for porn. It has an advantage over pornpen in that it allows for Stable-Diffusion-style freeform prompts, not just the use of a finite set of tags.

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