Intelligences greater than man’s

minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic...”

It’s a science fiction special.

Actually, he doesn’t even need to access the control software. All the sexbots that can have dominatrix modes enabled come with a safeword on a piece of paper, at the bottom of the box . Unfortunately, the makers imagined their customers reading the instructions leaflet all the way through at the start of the unpacking process, then carefully following the recommended procedure, step by step. Rather than just tearing it open, ignoring the leaflet and powering their new toy up straight away. Forgetting, in short, that their customers were male and unlikely to have a female assisting in the unpacking process of this particular product. Oh well. Think of it as a learning opportunity.

You want to watch out for those dominatrix sex robots…

Girls cosplay Star Trek for the futuristic vision and for the strong character development, boys for the miniskirts and boots.
Galactic law says that a superior species like theirs has to respect the customs of the planet they invade – and that is what they are doing. Just not the human inhabitants’ customs. Spiders live here too… who’s to say we’re right and they’re wrong?
They say that great inventors are rarely appreciated in their own time. Which is not the case here: these two seem to be very appreciative of the technological breakthrough this chap has produced.
As I always say, there’s nothing girls can do that boys can’t, as long as it is explained slowly enough using simple words, and it’s understood that we’ll probably fuck it up.

Incidentally, in the ‘other’ universe Artemis 9 made a flawless re-entry (female pilots…) but there was an unfortunate misunderstanding when the (tragically male) President greeted the returning heroines. In fairness, everyone agreed that he did have a very slappable face.

6 thoughts on “Intelligences greater than man’s”

  1. What if a man from our world intentionally went to a matriarchal parallel universe because he was into femdom. What if the woman he tried to get with was into him because she’d heard that our universe was patriarchal and she was secretly into maledom. What if they both spent the entire date getting increasingly confused and frustrated that the other wasn’t taking control.

    1. Ouf… complexity greater than my male brain can handle there. By chance, I do actually deal with a situation – could be a parallel world could the the future, who knows? – in which relations between the sexes that are not based on female domination are considered perverted, in the courtroom scene in the post immediately after this one.

      But your suggestion curiously raises the question of how these parallel universes come about. If one believes the many-worlds theory, then every time we make a choice, the universe itself splits in two. Which is why it is a good thing that many of us are not permitted to make choices, I suppose.

      Best wishes


      1. Aww, honey, that’s not how many-worlds works! The worlds branch off based on quantum indeterminacy, which mostly only affects subatomic — that means really small — particles. Human brains, even male brains, are way too big to be appreciably affected. If quantum indeterminacy actually played a role in our choices, that would mean that thought isn’t a real thing. You might not realize this, but women actually have reasons for thinking and doing what we do, there’s an actual logical chain involved when we make a decision. We don’t just randomly picks something.

        1. Many thanks M’am. You know, I think that might be the most “Contemplating the Divine” comment ever made here, mixing science and femdom and lovely casual dismissal (“even male brains”) in the way I strive for!

          Best wishes


  2. Caption 2: “Only thing missing in this picture are a couple of males on their knees, in bondage, naked.”

    Probably illegal for males to wear anything except something that gives the ladies easy access to their assets, like a skirt. It turns the women on just seeing a male in a skirt. Makes him very fuckable.

    1. I suppose so, Squaw, but if one believes my SO, men are always fuckable as long as you’re prepared to make enough effort. Or they can remain completely unfuckable and unfucked, if that is her preference.

      Trousers may provide a sense of security, but when a huge strap-on is wielded by someone with an equally huge reserve of willpower, a little cloth is really not going to slow things down much.

      Best wishes


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