Delightfully unpleasant

She did initially feel some sympathy… well, pity, anyway, which is practically the same thing.
To be fair, a dentist trying to act as a professional dominatrix for the first time would probably feel a bit unsure of herself too. It’s best to ignore those fearful, nagging voices that say you can’t do it and just have a go.
My SO once made me lick my own feet clean, after a long day’s pony-play. As I’m in my fifties, you might imagine I’m not supple enough easily to get a foot to my mouth, and you’d be right, but fortunately she had a strong bondage harness that could bring disparate parts of my body closer together and with a lot of effort she finally managed to get me buckled into a position where I could reach. The funniest thing was when she released me just a few short hours after I’d finished cleaning my feet: I couldn’t walk and had to lurch around bent double, for a couple of days. How we laughed! Well, one of us did anyway: the one who matters.
She’s quite possessive about stuff; has a controlling personality. She knows about it and tries not to go too far, but mostly she takes the view that people around her just have to learn to accept it.
I think it’s really important that couples should discuss these things. Many ladies new to chastity play might be surprised just how much fun they can have, talking to their partner about the frequency of release or the likelihood of its being imminent.

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  1. Re: Castration

    The only real argument AGAINST castration for couples in a Female Led Relationship is if the Woman has some use for the male’s penis, whether it be for actual penetrative sex or just to make fun of. Castration is a very safe medical procedure, carrying relatively the same risk level as other routine procedures. So if you don’t have a use for it, consider eliminating it.


  2. Hey, Servitor. Pleased you have abandoned blogspot; the whole sign-in thing was a bore. (Now just get Quinnklaxon to do likewise…)
    I suspect we are of like age and nationality, as our tastes are unnervingly similar – though I have not (yet) availed myself of a pro domme.
    Whilst acknowledging your entirely warranted obsession with Anne Hathaway, may I also offer a vote for Anya Taylor-Joy?
    Good work, sir, more power to your elbow (or, indeed, wrist, ahem)

    1. Thank you, James, for this and all of your comments.

      Kind of you to say so. If we are of similar age and nationality (British mid-fifties) then you might be one of the tiny number of ‘readers’ who will actually get the point of a post I am planning to put up in a couple of weeks celebrating the British femdom mags Vixen and Mistress, which were the first proper femdom porn I ever bought. Or not, if you’re not quite that old.

      You should definitely avail yourself of a pro-domme. They’re lovely.

      And as for the divine Ms Taylor-Joy, all I can suggest is that you click on ‘Surprised by Joy’ in the categories list to the left there.

      Best wishes


      1. Servitor, thanks for replying. I may be a wee bit younger but our references appear the same. Thanks for the pointer towards ATJ

  3. ”Good morning Mrs James. Can you get your sissy to sit in the designated area whilst you fill in this form. It relates to the procedure that sissy will be having today, ok?”

    ”Do I need my sissy’s consent?”

    ”No, you are his designated female so your consent is ok. Does he know what the procedure will be today?”

    ”I told Orange Sally, that’s his name, that he is to have some cosmetic surgery to improve him and that it will be a simple snip which will improve his life with me.”

    ”Good, it is a bit more complicated and he will be in surgery for about four hours. If you wish, you can go now and we will text you tomorrow to tell you when to come in to visit. He will be in the clinic for at least a week, ok?”

    I went over to Orange and sat next to him. I held both his hands in mine and told him to be a good boy and do as he is told. I assured him I would visit when I can, but I am very busy at work.

    ”Ma’am, am I being castrated, I’m not sure I want that?”

    ”Don’t be silly, of course you want it. You said you want to be more girly, and this will take away your boy parts, which you hate, and give you a girl shape. Think how nice and smooth your skirts will look. I and my friends wont have to worry about horrid boy stiffening’s. Bye honey.”

    The next day I got a text saying the op went well and Orange is a bit groggy, so come and visit tomorrow. I am not able to visit tomorrow as it is Wednesday and I am too busy, but I should be able to after the week-end.

    When I visit I give Orange a hug and kiss the top of his head. He is very sore where his p**is used to be. He seems happy though and tells me he loves me very much. His long hair is tied in a ponytail and his skin is dewy.

    I am told he can go home on Tuesday and have rest at home.

    Orange is such a good sissy.


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