Sensual displeasure

My SO called me by the wrong name once… it was a bit difficult: I had to go through all the trouble of changing it legally, so I didn’t have to tell her she was wrong (that can be quite painful), then she remembered and I had to change it back again! Unlike ‘Jerry’ or whatever his name is, I have an entirely unmemorable cock – indeed, women often don’t notice it at all – so that doesn’t help as an aide-memoire. Still, at least I don’t call it ‘sledgehammer’… how embarrassing for him.
Oddly enough, shortly after the Chairman’s ‘business trip’ to the Czech Republic, almost all staff in his company got a pay rise. Women employees did particularly well, taking the female/male pay ratio from 74% to 108%.
Hmm… let’s try. Nope, all good.
Of course, they never forget the Hippocratic oath: first, do no harm, at least not to anyone who doesn’t deserve it or unless you really want to, or it would be funny or something.
There are some very weird fetishes out there. Aren’t you glad you’re normal? I know I am.

4 thoughts on “Sensual displeasure”

  1. Max and I have been sleeping together since November 2022. This is a long time all in one go as he is my sissy slave and I usually only let him in my bed when I have no boyfriend available. He is such a good boy and very good at licking my pussy.

    He has got so used to the situation that he forgets sometimes that he is very fortunate that I haven’t met a guy to date. This has mainly been because I am so busy at work, I get home tired and not in the mood to go clubbing with my girlfriends. Week-ends are spent catching up on the week’s work and preparing for the next week. Most Saturdays I spend in my garden office, Sundays are for relaxing and catching up.

    Max is at my feet as I sit in my designer kitchen and facetime my friends. He loves my stinky feet, especially on a Friday when they are in need of a wash and are hot n sweaty.

    ”Max, start preparing supper, please. Good boy. I think we will have the salmon with salad, ok?”

    ”Yes, ma’am, of course.”

    Max starts his prep as I go upstairs for a shower.

    When I come down I am in my short shorts with a white silky short sleeve shirt on top. Max serves supper and I allow him to eat some old brown pie in a bowl by my feet. It is his favourite as it comes from a High School in Norfolk and is prepared by the sixth form girls. I don’t like to picture how this is collected, but it smells of something brown and nasty. Max is very enthusiastic as it tastes divine to him. Two day old High School girl crap is like the best for him. At first he was not so keen, but a thorough whipping and nothing else to eat for four days convinced him to be more enthusiastic.

    One of the guys at work has been flirting with me. His name is Ahmed and he is a tall, sexy alpha man. I have encouraged him and we have had coffee together in the senior staff restaurant. I have explained that I am too busy, and that I have a sissy slave husband at home. None of this has put him off, but I am playing hard to get. In the late summer the pressures will ease and I will have more time for men, and for myself.

    ”Max, when you have finished eating you may go out to the garden for a while, ok? Keep out of sight and don’t be too long. Good boy.”


    1. I’m sure little Maxie will accustom himself to the change, if and when the Ahmed thing happens, Ms Zoe. Boys can be very flexible and very accommodating, especially if the reasons are explained clearly and emphatically enough.

      Even by late summer, there’s no reason for him to spend too much time shut up in the hot and stuffy house. I’m sure he’ll relish the opportunity to sleep out in the garden, lying on the cool grass under the stars, looking up at the window of your bedroom and thinking whatever he might choose to think. You could always let him have a blanket on a cold night.

      Best wishes


  2. In loving my wife, I learned how to be strong and submissive at the same time. It’s all about “balance”, you know.

    1. Thank you Michael

      Very pleased to hear it. I strive for balance too, and not only when in predicament bondage, teetering on the stool with my genitals firmly looped to the hook, but in my ordinary life (or perhaps I should say “the rest of my ordinary life”) too.

      Best wishes


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