Striking poses

As my SO points out: lots of women enjoy sex with their husbands, she prefers sex without her husband.  The difference is only a few letters but it’s a big deal for her, so who am I to argue?



Mmmm … a severe scolding, Mistress?




It’s going to be a special day for her boyfriends too.  And their mates.




Of course the OWK had safewords really.  In a variety of quite widely-spoken Central European languages, so there was really no excuse for ‘guests’ not knowing how to pronounce them perfectly.


Her kink is not your kink – are you going to make a selfish fuss?

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  1. Now we are married, darling, there is something I need to make clear. Of course you can have a level of freedom. You can ask my permission to go out with your friends or go to your mens lib meeting or even express an opinion. However, I retain the right to guide and nurture you and to refuse permission for any or all those and any other things you may dream up. Do I make myself clear?

    Now what did you come in here to ask me?

    Now honey you know I support you guys getting together to discuss men's concerns such as the cutest table arrangements and how to apply make up to freshen your look. Mabel heard her Jim saying that tonight you were going to watch a football match. You know we all disapprove of silly games and so the meeting has been cancelled tonight.

    I suggest you thank me for looking out for you, darling, ok?


  2. Sounds like you have things well in hand, Zoe. Many men don't realise how much they're missing, going out drinking with mates, watching football, when they could be developing useful needleworking skills or just sitting quietly waiting for instructions. In the first years of my marriage, I found it a little difficult to 'unlearn' some of the silly habits I'd picked up when I was single, like just eating whatever I liked at all times of day without permission, but she helped me with that.

    Best wishes


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