Governing bodies


Everyone feels a bit uncomfortable, on their first day in the torture room.

Really?  Oh… that would be just awful!





Don’t tell her she’s not doing it right – it works for her, OK?

Language barriers can be overcome, with good will on both sides – or failing that, one side holding a whip and not giving a shit about what the other side might actually be saying.

His musical tastes are more Bruce Springsteen than Ariana Grande.  He did tell them that, but then he also told them his session tastes were more towards sensual domination than frequent, brutal electric shocks to the balls… so it looks like they didn’t pay a lot of attention.


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  1. The feelings of the torturer are seldom considered. It usually takes quite awhile for them to become comfortable with making others uncomfortable. They go through feeling anxious about the scrams they produce from their subjects to becoming blase about it to really seeing the beauty in what they do. But through all that journey they are often not supported. Femsup

  2. As ever, Femsup, your compassion for the unfairer sex is evident. There are organisations all over the world dedicated to supporting the victims of torture but what of the victimisers?

    To be fair,the main focus of professionals in that particular space is indeed on the feelings of the torturee – and rightly so. But you're right, of course. Many young women, fresh out of basic training and only to eager to start putting red-hot metal the flesh can find themselves a bit disconcerted and need reassurance that the screams and pleading shouldn't put them off. And – of course – that everyone makes a few mistakes on their first few victims and that's fine. Most of them get over it soon enough once they get a bit of confidence and start to feel at ease with their role – it's a little like marriage in that (and other) respects.

    Best wishes


  3. " putting red-hot metal the flesh" against the flesh? I fear another 500 lines. Femsup

  4. Oh dear. You're wrong, though, as for a repeated offence it isn't another 500 lines. Well… it is. But it's not just another 500 lines, if you catch my drift.

    Anyway, it turns out she hadn't spotted that one, Femsup, so thanks a lot. Yeah… great to have you here, it really is.

    Grudgingly best wishes


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