Which rule?  Rule 18, of course.  Which states – as I’m sure you know – that dommes should “Try to avoid sessions with clients who have really specific fetishes and can’t get off unless it is done exactly right.”

Alas, unlike my own SO’s ninety-seven House Rules, which are quite strictly observed and still more strictly enforced, I encounter* examples of rulebreaking daily for this one.

So… yeah, here are some more.

Notice the thick socks inside the fur boots.  Socks are often a giveaway of a Rule 18 violation in progress.  Not if the socks are smelly from exercise and being used to wipe the face of a humiliation slut, though… that’s just good healthy femdom play.

Orca play.

Actually, this one started when his domme turned up one day and said “I’m afraid my leather jacket is being cleaned – will this do?”  And he never looked back.

It’s not just the use of the domestic flamethrower that makes this a Rule 18 violation… it’s the flying golden penis to the left of the flowers that are being torched and it’s the Shredded Wheat package.  Oh… the Shredded Wheat package.  “Can’t get off unless it is done exactly right.”?  One day, she didn’t have any and used Weetabix instead… nearly lost a client.

Not quite sure whether this one belongs here or in my series on femdom scenes being played out with heavy industrial machinery… but it definitely needed wider circulation.  By the way, those knees: do you think she originally had it installed for a slave who was just a little shorter?

She’s supposed to beat his ‘snake’ with a shillelagh, while commanding it to leave Ireland.  Or something.

OK, this whole video (and, as far as I can tell, much of the careers of the two lovelies featured here) is basically just one long Rule 18 violation.  If you’re into latex-clad pretty ladies cooking and eating men dressed as broccoli in order to get rid of bags under their eyes… well, I guess this is the video you’ve been waiting for your entire life.  If not, you might like it anyway.  I did, actually.  In fact I just watched it again. My eyes hurt… but in a good way.


Oh look, I embedded it.  I particularly like the way they look cross so often.  I love it when pretty women look cross.

* Did you notice the way I managed not to write ‘I come across’ there?  See, I’m dealing with my addictions.

0 thoughts on “Rulebreakers”

  1. Honey, we need to talk. Come and sit on the floor next to my feet, ok? Now I had a call from your boss at work and she tells me you want to apply for a junior support role. Is that right? You know you should have asked me first. You can't just do these things without permission.

    Oh, you were going to mention it but I took away your speaking rights when you were argumentative the other day. Well in that case you should have waited until you could check if it was ok to apply. Your boss was just checking I was ok with you applying,you know?

    Why do you want promotion, babe? Ok, you think you could do the job and it pays more money.

    Let me think about it and I will let you know tonight.

    Now go upstairs and ask Raoul if he would like some coffee.


  2. Perhaps something to bring up at your boy's next performance review, Miss Zoe. Sounds like he might be awarded "Needs improvement" in a few areas, which should not be seen as a punishment in itself, of course, but more of a learning opportunity.

    Best wishes


  3. Babe, I've got to try this new recipe. It's a non-meat lasagne with a salad of lettuce, cucumber and spring onion. Whilst I do that I think we need to discuss some of the "Needs Improvement" items that came up at your last review. There are ten things that need to be better.

    Now babe I told you not to kiss my legs whilst I am working, you don't do that unless I say it's ok and James is only in the lounge watching England play football. What would he say if he wandered in her and saw you kissing my legs?

    One…be quicker when I ring the bell calling you. Especially upstairs. You must hurry, you've been caned several times for that.

    Two….fail to curtsey when I or James enter a room. We've talked about this. Get better.

    Three….smile or laugh when you are serving us and someone makes a joke. You are a slave and do not join in the fun at the table. It is really annoying when a server laughs at a joke.

    Four….my skirts need regular ironing and my dresses need to be properly on their hangers. We've talked about this. Last week my red dress with the strappy bits was nearly on the floor.

    Five….if my friends, Brad or Toff, want to kiss you then that's ok. Let them. You know you love the attention, babe and they think you are so cute in your dresses.

    Six…no hesitation when you are told to lick and clean my butt after I've done a dump. Remember a hesitation is reluctance and that is a punishable offence.

    Seven…..when my sister visits or any of my friends you are their sissy slave for the duration of their stay. Be a good boy for them.

    Eight…if you need an advance on your weekly allownace then just ask. I don't mind but you need a good reason to spend over your pocket money, ok? I know sometimes the price of things goes up and you may need a bit extra. I am not such an ogre am I? Just talk to me about it. Just say oh goddess the price of cooking oil has gone up and I need a bit extra this week.

    Nine….never, ever, ever give me backchat. This is a bad habit you have got into where I tell you to do something and you come back with a so called clever response. It's not funny.

    Lastly…Ten…it is up to you to keep track of the days when I might consider releasing you from your chastity device. If I, for example, say you will not be released for a further six weeks then put it in your diary and a week before ask for permission to speak and couteously remind me that the date is approaching. Don't ask for release or whine about it. That is so annoying. Just politely remind me. Ok?

    Now have you listened?

    Good boy. Get on with your chores. oh you might want to go and ask James if he would like a coffee.
    Remember, don't ask the score of the match he is watching you are not his mate.

    Get lost, babe.


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