It’s a strangely self-defeating exercise, because we love it.

Sympathy porn
That’s kind of her.  Not exactly a sympathy fuck… more of a pitiful wank.  But the principle’s the same.

Castration lit again
Kinda scary.  Yeah.


I hold that truth to be self-evident.

Accidental scene
OK, now that would be humiliating.  And not in a good way.  Well…maybe a little bit good…mmmm.
Creepy Servitor
It’s uncanny.  It’s almost as if she knows me.  Do you think I should go and hang around her house in Beverly Hills… see if fate somehow brings us together?

0 thoughts on “Sub-shaming”

  1. Surely not? Begone, foul pervert! We don't like your sort round here, you know.

    In fact, people like you deserve to be punished! Repeatedly! In unspeakable ways!

    So, just take that as a warning.

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