She only does it to be cruel

…because she knows it teases.

Sexually inadequate feelings! height=
Nice to know she still respects you for what you are.

Pop into the castration clinic why not
Oh…not the garden centre.  I hate garden centres.

Femdom soldier yum
Great.  You can show off that little dance routine you were practicing with Mike and Gerald before the invasion.  Shame about what happened to them… still, never mind.

Blackmailing femdom fun
It does seem a little unfair, on those of us that would like to be in that position.
 This is, of course, the glorious Goddess Heather.  She shouted at me once, you know.  At Club Pedestal.  I might have mentioned this before.  And I didn’t even have to pay her.  Aaaaah.

Snuff and nonsense
Sometimes you just have to take time for yourself.  Don’t let anything rush you.

0 thoughts on “She only does it to be cruel”

  1. The banality of "After Lunch" is interesting, and appropriate in a society where male castration is commonplace, even routine. But then again, its banal, and I think it might have come out better if you'd taken it a bit farther. Maybe she'd promised him that he'd spend his last day intact completely unlocked, but Harriet insists that any males in her house stay locked, so she's very sorry, but she can't keep her promise . . .

    Or make it a lesbian couple, and they want to come along and watch. . .

    I don't know, something a bit more.

  2. So…in a posting featuring castration, humiliation, a sexy female soldier with a clearly-implied threat of violence and possibly death, a scene without consent and then a drowning you want 'more'.


    Well, I'll just have to do my best I suppose. The name's 'Servitor' for a reason, after all.

  3. Yes there is lots of exciting stuff but I too thought along the lines of that other fellow. And of course you are funny to the last. I too have been at Pedestal when that lass has been shouting at people so we must have met.


  4. No one wanting anything from her except the chance to breathe. Breathing is over rated anyway.


  5. Males don't actually need to breathe. Proven fact! Deprive the average male of oxygen for – oh, an hour or so. And he's just as useful afterwards as he was before!

    So, yes. You're right.

  6. Oh, I'm very impressed at your output, and general quality. Most people stop after only a few captions, and here you are, still going strong. Its just I thought that this one caption could have been a bit . . . more. That's all

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