The ecstasy and the agony

But by ‘ecstasy’ I mean extremes of pleasure, OK?  This blog does not do drugs.  Nothing here but good wholesome stuff like torture, castration, toilet slavery and forced bisexual blowjobs.

And not all at the same time, obviously.  That would be ridiculous.

Sidonia morning
Oh dear.  Still, it’s only 24 hours, isn’t it?  How bad could it be?

Is there anyone out there (apart from weird vanilla or male-dom types) who does not recognise Mistress Sidonia von Bork?  Wonderful name, wonderful lady.

Professionally strict
Realism in session – it can be over-rated, you know.

Cattle prod femdom - again
Nice tits.  Nice cattle prod.  Can’t have one without the other.

He should go down on her knees to her.  Like he did when he proposed.  Or whenever he needs to use the bank card.

Yeah…well, that’s actually true.

0 thoughts on “The ecstasy and the agony”

  1. Some of your captions are starting to verge on people just being evil. Trapping an arachnophobic guy in a cage with a spider? And now poisoning a guy with pills?

  2. Well, yeah. I mean I do get quite turned on by women being evil to men, even if it's in a completely non-sexual context. Try clicking on "Serena" in the tag cloud to the right, for example. Ooh – and I'm an arachnophobe. That scene is a serious, serious hard limit for me. I used to visit a domme who liked to push my limits, and I once told her I didn't like spiders… and spent the next few sessions terrified she'd remember that… Of course, I did have a safeword. but even so.

    …but, you know, actually the 'pills' caption isn't supposed to be about people being evil. It's more in the line of an 'incompetent domme' meme. A rather minority taste, I know, but I like the thought (in fantasy – not reality! Check out the disclaimer!), of a domme being rather incompetent and so hurting a slave in session much more than he intended, possibly more than she did. So, the lovely ladies in the picture there have just concluded a medical fetish session and thought they'd aim for maximum verisimilitude by using actual medicine. Bless them.

    I have actually written about this, in response to a post on Paltego's excellent Femdom Resource blog.

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