You’ll always find me in the corner at parties

Yeah.  I was always one of those guys in the corner at parties.  You know?  Just standing there, all embarassed, not knowing what to say as the laughter and flirting went on all around me? 

My nose pressed tightly against the angle of the walls, and my trousers down around my ankles exposing my red, spanked buttocks for all to see.

I guess we’ve all been there, huh?

Femdom bully
It’s good to have a job doing something you love.  In my job, for example, I’m bossed around, humiliated and made miserable almost every day.  Mmmm.

Birched submissive
Ooops!  Don’t forget about consent, girls!  When you’re finishing, ask him if he agrees he deserved it.  It’s important.

Whipped with metal
Well, if you put it like that…

Countdown to orgasm - or not
Office life… it can be so stressful, can’t it?

Sadly, though, the inside looks pretty grotty, too. Unless you like gloomy dungeons walled with unfinished concrete and festooned with rusting chains.
Oh do you?  Oh, right.  You’re in for a treat, then.

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  1. I suppose we might be allowed to see the outside in the next 20-25 years if we behave, Servitor?..)

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