Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains

…and isn’t that great?

Femdom abduction fantasy
No.  You’re not going far.

Princess Kali is pretty mean
It’s useful to understand your partner’s hard limits.  For example, my Significant Other is OK with most forms of play, but ‘disobedience’ and ‘answering back’ are real hard limits for her.
 The lady is of course the divine Princess Kali, who manages to look sweet, and mean, and sweetly mean, all at the same time.

OTher world kingdom scene
Czech has almost twenty different ways of saying “sorry”, you know.  Which actually turns out to be quite useful.

Caned weight loss
Two OWK captions in one posting.  Goodness. Servitor must be feeling in need of harsh treatment.

Hairbrushing femdom wife
It’s a nice gesture, but what’s the betting she’ll decide she wants to use the belt this time?  Women – eh?

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