A daily act of brutality

Unusually for me, a themed post.  See if you can guess the theme.
All images taken from the public spaces of “The British Institution”, or tumblrs, not from behind the paywall to my knowledge.
Well worth a visit – once you’re in, you’ll find you can’t leave.  Not for five years anyway, even with good behaviour.









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  1. Not only retrospective formal sentencing but officers setting their own tariffs. Lots more years to learn the right way to submit if that's ever possible.


  2. I certainly am in favour of this new progressive entirely female run prison regime, Servitor 7678 and not justy because that is the only permitted opinion in this instiution..).We'll certainly never offend again, partly because we are both serving 50 years after our sentences keep get extended.Time for work detail where Officer Stren is sure to discipline us..)

  3. Oh another broadcast by our leader a least we won't be doing that back breaking work just standing listening to Her national announcement . Oh dear me no the national broadcast says that al sentences are to be retrospectively extended by two years. That's not including any extensions already handed out and any future extensions for bad behaviour. What is that stench oh no its several hundred males losing control of their bodies. I did not realise I had done anything myself. Oh yes Ma'am I will clear it up yes right away.


  4. Our leader did promise to be extra tough on crime and make sure criminals were kept off the streets as long as possible. Did you hear that huge cheer from women all over the land, Ano Sigh, We better get totally accustomed to prison life .Wonder if we'll ever get out of these fetching pink uniforms (complete with kilts instead of pants and canvas sneakers) as women wear the pants and boots in here plus the ever present "offender" emblazoned in huge letters so we'll never forget what we are (we are writing a fun story here, Anon)

  5. Yes except when we look in the mirror and see our foreheads tattooed with offender. The mirror or their jack boots. Polished with our tongues.


  6. You two carry on, you're doing a fine job! I'll just tidy up a few things over here, and get right out of your way…

    (I love getting comments!)

  7. That "offender" in big letters on our foreheads is maybe the ultimate in humiliating punishment -we'll find it hard to ever reintegrate back into society looking like this.If we ever get out, maybe we'll be signed over to the strict attention of our wives/girlfriends -if we step out of line we get sent straight back to prison for life! The only convicts who have it worse here are the ones with "sex offender" on their foreheads.They are the lowest of the low. Better get back to "manually" polishing those jackboots, I , Femsupand making sure our uniforms are immaculate for inspection (bright pink, ironed, sneakers gleaming white and laced exactly symmetrically..) .

    Hi Servitor, nice to see a friend on the (cell) block!)I see you are busy scrubbing too.iN a few years maybe we'll get promotion to the laundry or kitchen.

  8. All those hot utensils and hitty things like spatulas can still be problematical if put on such important duties. That and having to cook whilst gagged so we cannot eat our superiors food. Quite a torture considering the meagre rations we are put on . That is apart from cunnilingus where we are eating all the time.


  9. Now that's one part of out duties I quite enjoy -it beats porridge although we have no choice in the matter..).Yes, our uniforms are very skimpy and we are often caked in sweat and have a few small injuries after 12 hous kitchen duty.)

  10. The high pressure hose that is used to wash us is no fun especially on a weary sweaty body after doing hard labour.


  11. Very true -our leader stated that she had no budget for inessentials and luxuries such as prison showers for us convicts.It's very humilating to strip down totally stand on tline and feel the force of the cold water especially when some of the more cruel officers laugh and make personal comments.

    Another regular humilation we have to face is count -three times daily we have to stand on the yellow line , state our number, sentence ,crime (our names don't matter here) and state"Ma;am I am nothing but a humble offender here to becaome a better person and obey your every command. ma'am".Sometimes we are picked out to preform cunnilingus on an officer in front of the other inmates (whin isn't so bad..)

  12. Yes that's lovely but its the toilet duty that gets me down. Sometimes we get nothing to drink but you know. On a hot Summers day like today it hardly assuages the thirst.


  13. I agree -it's warm amnd hardly refreshing ..(-that's thw worst part of punishment detail.I'd mucc prefer to be caned in front of the other inmates as my penance.I'm sure you would agree

  14. Still doing time here 8 years later. Oh yes I can sign my name Femsup. I had almost forgotten it as I have been just a number for so man years. Its true what they say age is just a number and it feels like ages. Femsup

  15. Good heavens, Femsup, have you been waiting eight years to post that comment? I think it says something when I've been posting and you've been commenting longer than a sentence for second-degree sexist language at the British Institution.

    Welcome back to the real world! Oh, hang on…

    Best wishes


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