Just a short one…too long for a caption.


Well, she thought, that had gone even more smoothly than she
had expected. He’d practically begged her to tie him up. She wondered whether he’d
played kinky games like this before, with one or other of the women whose
existence she’d discovered using his phone at the weekend.
He can tell me all about it later, she thought, stretching
luxuriously. Every last detail.
She smiled, and poked him gently with the heel of one of the
kinky boots. They’d been a good investment anyway, even if she was going to
wear them only once. And the corset.  Ridiculous,
uncomfortable things. In a moment, she’d go and take them off and come back
wearing something a lot more comfortable. She wondered whether that would be
the point at which he’d realise it wasn’t a kinky sex game?
Or maybe it wouldn’t finally sink in until he caught sight
of the tools she was planning to use on him.

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