Worm’s eye view

Do worms actually have eyes?  Or a point of view?  I know I’m not allowed one of those, not about anything that matters.

Ah well, on we go.

Oh well.  Never mind.
 This of course is Princess Kali, whose perfect balancing of sweetness and cruelty presses all the buttons I have.  It’s the little tiara that always does it for me. Aaaahhh.

Oooh!  Maybe Steve’s going to get a blowjob too?  How exciting.
 The lady in the picture is Ashley Edmonds.  She’s fantastic.  Don’t know who the males are.  But who cares?  Just males. 

I can imagine being very polite.  But I expect she’s right.  She usually is.

Well, that’s very kind.  She’ll stop being kind soon, don’t worry.
 Domina Irene Boss, of course, whose boots I am not fit to lick (I mean, even more than those of most ladies).

Must be awful.  Don’t you think?

0 thoughts on “Worm’s eye view”

  1. The choice of whip is yours,ma'am.I'm just here to receive my punishment.She looks like one of my fantasy prison guards..)

  2. The beautiful woman in the second picture is Ashley Edmonds. She's fantastic!

    I love the "internet perverts" caption. Two gorgeous woman and it cuts to the bone. Thanks!

  3. Mr X, really. She has asked you a question, and I don't think "the choice is yours ma'am" was one of the options she allowed you, do you? You might want to consult page 86 of the prison rulebook, I think you'll find it's very clear on not answering questions.

  4. You're welcome.

    Contemplating the Divine – the blog that sneers contemptuously at its readers, and gets their thanks for it.

    How strange we internet perverts are, to be sure.

  5. Inmate X will just be quiet ad thank the officer for her whippimg afterwards in future.It's for our own good as it promotes discipline and following institutional rules…)

  6. What a supremely Dr Evil laugh Domina Irene Boss has. Yes and I am not worthy to lick her boots either.


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