Her kink is not your kink

Oh darling, don’t be such a prude!  So you found my naughty little stash of snuff
DVDs?  This is the 21st
century, you know!  I think the world’s
beginning to realise that women have fantasies, too, hmm?  Even kinky ones.  50
Shades of Grey
and all that?

So, did you watch any? 
Didn’t you?  Oh come on! Of course
you did!  Which did you have a look at?

Oh wow, that’s one of my favourites.  Did you watch the bit where they take the bag
off, and he’s all relieved and gasping because he can breathe again, and then
they put it back on and this time they tie a cord around his –

Oh for goodness sake! 
Well of course it’s not real!  If
you’d bothered to watch a bit more, you’d have seen the bit after the credits
where they take the bag off and they show you he’s still alive.  He’s a bit blue at first but they slap him
around and after a moment, he comes to and his chest starts heaving up and down as he gasps in the air. 
He’s fine – he’s a professional. 
He’s probably done it loads of times.

Then I’ve got a few hanging ones – there’s one with
The Hangmistress.  She’s really famous in
the industry – best rope-work around. 
Because it makes all the difference, you know, whether they dangle there
and slowly choke, or the neck just snaps right there.  It’s nice to take it slowly, but sometimes
you just want a nice sexy snap, you know?

Yes…that’s all fake too. 
Of course it is!  They have these
little interviews before in which the boys are chatting happily away about how
excited they are.  They wouldn’t do that
if they knew they were about to be murdered, now, would they?

Oh – and there’s a really rare French one.  With a guillotine! Goodness only knows how
they fake that.  You actually see the
heads coming off.  Very clever.  And each boy gets to see what happens to the others, before they put him in, so he’s screaming and begging…mmm.

…you know, it’s actually kind of sexy that you thought
it was real?  You just sitting there,
being all scared because you thought you were watching an actual murder!  Thinking your little wife gets off to boys
being tortured and killed like that…
so, ermmm…

…so, how about popping one of those in the DVD and coming
over here, and we can watch it together, hmm? 
No, not that one – I don’t think you’re ready for Barbara’s Barbecue.  It’s
kind of hard core.  Yeah, so’s Crucified by Co-eds.  Have you got Plead for your life there?  Brilliant, let’s watch that.  And…how about you get naked and go down
between my legs, hmm?  Just like the boy in the movie, who’s pleading for his life.

No of course I’m not going to tell you what happens!  That’ll spoil the surprise.  I’ll give you a clue, though – get ready to
lick really firmly in about 12 minutes. 
Because I’m going to be coming pretty hard!  And you wouldn’t want to disappoint your wife,
now, would you?  You’ll see on the DVD
what happens to boys who don’t please their –

Oh stop panicking!  I’m
just trying to get into it.  Fantasy?  Remember?  Just fantasy?  All
right, I won’t say anything.  We’ll just watch.  But hurry up and get down there, OK?  She’s going to start winding the wire around his neck soon.

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