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You know, the other day my Significant Other was looking at this blog, and she told me she thought it was sexist!  Can you imagine?  She was quite cross about it too.  Well, of course, as soon as I recovered consciousness I started thinking about what she’d said, and – y’know – she’s right. 

Well, of course she’s always right, but on this occasion she’s particularly right, if you see what I mean.  I do tend to feature pictures of lovely, elegant, usually quite young ladies, and they’re often rather lightly clothed or wearing outfits that could be considered to be designed to appeal to the male fetishist.  And this might contribute to the wholly unwarranted impression that the world of Internet femdom is geared mainly towards male fantasies.

Now of course we know that’s not true, but it occurred to me – almost immediately after my SO ordered me to do it – that I should have a ladies’ day on this blog.  You know – feature some of those sexy hunks who appear in the photoshoots, so there’s something for female readers to get hot to, as well?  Just to show that there’s no sexual discrimination here (beyond the rather fundamental principle behind this blog that women are superior and males should be slaves, of course).  Boys can be sexy too!

So – ladies – just for you, we present, the boys of femdom!  Enjoy.

(There are ladies present in some scenes, I’ll admit, but they’re really just framing the Adonises who are the subject – or should that be ‘objects’? – of today’s show).

It’s the ‘come hither’ pose that does it for me.  I would.

From one of my favourite photoshoots.  I think they make a lovely couple.

Now this should give pause to those who would so casually accuse femdom porn shoots of being all about male fantasies.  In this shot, the men are obviously the ones who are the sex objects, because they’re the ones who are naked. And very sexy too – especially if you’re turned on by partial baldness, as this lady presumably is.



…and it looks like he’s about to satisfy her wildest desires for a ‘naughty patient’ session.  Yummm.  She is actually a nurse – that’s why she’s dressed like that.



I expect they’ll be fighting over who gets to take him to bed.  Maybe they could take turns.  Again, notice that he’s the one showing all the flesh – the saucy little tease!



Ah…the Other World Kingdom.  I don’t think there’s another site like it on the Internet, if you have a “Fat balding German businessman” fetish.  Well, OK, maybe there are one or two…





Hard to believe, but I understand this guy is actually an amateur, not a “pro-sub” charging a fortune from well-appointed chambers in Mayfair, to satisfy the sexual needs of female dominant clients like her.  He’s missing out on a lot of money, there…


Now she’s a lucky lady!



Built for ironing.



While she obviously likes them in larger sizes!  That’s a bit like the better-known “BBW” fetish but the acronym’s never really taken off, because it comes out as “BUM”.


That moustache!  And the seventies had been over for years at the time.
Ah yes, the seventies.  Now this guy knows how to fill out a rubber vest!

(PS – Any boys who are actually offended – as opposed to beingly squirmingly, deliciously humiliated – by being featured here, just let me know, and I’ll take the picture down.  I don’t want to be cruel to anyone… quite the opposite, actually.  And really, now I come to think of it, your picture shouldn’t have been there anyway.  Because you looked lovely.  Really.  Very sexy. Mmmm)

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  1. Oh my, Servitor. If your SO really does see this, I believe you have waved the red cape at the charging, um, bull. My SWMBO would NOT be pleased had I posted a response like that. Your demerits book is going to be very full.

  2. Fortunately, it's unlikely she'll see it. She regards my blog as insignificant, tedious and uninteresting and she says she gets quite enough of that from me in ordinary life. Good to know.

    SWMBO??? Significant whip mistress banning orgasms? Sadistic woman makes bedtime onerous? Slave-with-massive-balls owner?

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