Beneath her gaze

…it’s where I like to be.

(I’ve made a small change to the blog, making it wider (less blank space on the left, more room for larger pictures. It works on my computer and on IE, but let me know if it doesn’t work for you.  I’ve made the pictures larger in a few of the posts below, and of course for all future ones, but I’m not going to go back over older posts, so in some of them the pictures look a bit small and lonely.  Still, you can’t have everything, as I am reminded on a daily basis.)

Dont pout for your domina
So, now you know.  Don’t pout after a beating.  Oh – and no smug little smiles either, you know how she hates that.  Just try to keep those rules in mind.

Humbler than ever
As if it wasn’t already embarassing enough being the only man at a lesbian wedding.

Fedom snuff oh dearie me
Try to think calm thoughts.  Getting all panicky and upset at the thought of imminent brain damage or death just doesn’t help anyone, OK?

Femdom carpet beater too
Actually, she’s going to hang it from the same rack as the tawse, the paddle and the cane anyway, so there’s a bit of a clue right there.

Dommes day out
Of course, the dogs are trained just to restrain the quarry, not to hurt him.  They seize his trouser legs hard, and they hold on until the ladies arrive at the scene.  Only then – and only when given the word – will they go for his throat. 

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