A snivelling little rat-faced git

That’s me!  This phrase is what Google suggests when you start with ‘Snivelling little’.  I was expecting ‘worm’, but then maybe the kinds of videos we watch (you and me, you know) are a bit of a minority taste…

There are also the Snivelling Shits, a punk band from the ’70s and their single ‘I can’t come’.  I won’t include the usual YouTube link, because the song is terrible.

Heh – there’s some weird stuff on the Internet, isn’t there?  Right then, on we go with the usual fare of mildly pornographic pictures of ladies looking stern, on which I’ve put down some of my sex fantasies.  Enjoy.

OWK cricket completely lost on many readers
And nor do most of you, because according to the stats, you’re mostly Americans.  It’s a bit like saying “home run”…or whatever it is you say.  You know – when there’s a home run.

Beat the boy femdom
Actually, these days you can just book over the Internet.  Much easier.

Caning the gentry
The future belongs to Tracy…and so, in time, will Roger.

Spanking air stewardess
Oh…wouldn’t that be just awful?

I wish I’d been there when my wife lost her virginity.  It was on our wedding night, but she’d sent me out for more champagne. 

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  1. Your "Sarah Manning" caption made me think about how wonderful it would be if couples ordered punishment for the male the way couples order take out food…

    "What about that place on Main and 6th?"
    "They're great, but I had them for lunch. What about the place you like downtown?"
    "Eh, I'm not really in the mood for that… How about the new place that just opened up on Vine?"
    "Yeah, let's do that! I've been meaning to try them!"


  2. You could bring her a selection of menus, from the notice-board in the kitchen, for her to leaf through. She puts a little tick next to each of a starter, main course and dessert. Then you have to phone it through…

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