Blessed art thou among women

There seems to be a discontinued Christian blog, that had the same name as this one.  I occasionally like to run headlines like that, to make a few minds explode.

Rather naughty, I know.  Fortunately, it seems I’ll be getting a beating quite soon, so there will be penance.

More sinful pictures below:

Riding ladies with horsewhips...yum
Bet you’re glad you didn’t look at their bottoms, aren’t you?  Oh.  Oh dear.

OWK ladies love to starve you
Actually, the way the ones who are already thin react to the starvation diet can be even funnier.

NO escape from the domme
Come on – don’t be such a baby!  It’s not as if she hasn’t whipped you before!

Over her lap yet again
My favourite place.

Anne gives you a faceslapping
Another little service you can do for her.

0 thoughts on “Blessed art thou among women”

  1. Thank you sometimesspanked. I'm sometimesnot. It's sad.

    The flour's a bit more humane than the "hands cuffed behind and hold a penny to the wall with your nose" trick. And can therefore be endured for longer.

  2. By the way (all) – I do welcome comments and try to respond. Vicious, dismissive sneers from respresentatives of the superior sex are particularly treasured, but nice comments from males are good too.

    I don't always respond quickly, because I don't often get to post here…even if it looks as if I'm posting frequently, it's often just scheduled (I have 4 more scheduled right now, about two a week, for the next few weeks). So I will get back to you.

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