Devotional blackmail

Better hurry up and get used to it – you’re late for work.

Planning a session…hope it’s like this.

Sexy wife wants to plkease a real man
She really appreciates it, because she knows how uncomfortable it makes you feel, seeing her in lingerie like that.  You can go and run some cold water over it if you like – but make sure you dry it off, so it can’t rust.

Rhymes with hickory switch
…and I’m certainly not allowed to write it.

Eating Raoul
Men can get so frustrated waiting for women to get ready.  It’s a good thing she has you to help.

0 thoughts on “Devotional blackmail”

  1. Servitor, I love your captions. I think you're getting better and better. They're funny but squirm-inducing at the same time. Thanks for all of these. I love it when you post.

  2. Ouch, that "real man" comment! 🙂
    And the oops, I forgot you were supposed to fellate! 🙂

  3. Thank you all. It's nice to have compliments. Actually, it's nice to have complaints too: I'll be visiting my Significant Other twice in the next few weeks, and she loves to hear about my faults. So if there's anything on my blog that people think could be better, do let me know and I'll confess it to her.

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