No means no

Something too few men understand.  When a woman says no, that’s just what she means.  No you can’t stay out late.  No you’re going to stay down there until I come.  No, not after your behaviour this month.  No, you signed the contract and that’s that.  That sort of thing.  Get used to it.

Domme with a heavy wooden paddle
For some reason, that particular paddle is called “Angela”.  She might call you at work, to let you know that Angela’s going to be coming around that evening, that kind of thing.

You can lead a slave to Mistress but you can't errr
It’s nice to know there’s someone to pop in to feed them, if need be, so you don’t need to leave them any use of their hands when you’re away for a week or two.

Nurse with a cane intends to cure you
You’re allowed to discharge yourself, you know.  You just need to fill out a form.  You have to ask her for one.  And a pen.

The two beautiful stepsisters
It was such a relief to their mother, whose arm used to get quite tired in the first days of their marriage.

Your birthday only comes once a year
It’s a bit like being a kid again, isn’t it?  Those feelings of longing and anticipation for months before…and then it’s not exactly what you wanted, or it just doesn’t turn out as expected?  Still, being able to deal with these feelings is what makes us grown-ups, right?

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  1. The fancy neat blue dress suits Cassie Cane very well according to me but I would believe it would be needed to wear an uniform. It would express in addition to the cane the real power relations much better what exists between the Cassie Cane and the detained Castles

  2. Sometimeslucky – yes, isn't she? Doesn't it just give you a warm glow of subbie satisfaction, to think that she knows nothing of either of us and would despise us utterly if she did? Well… it does it for me, anyway.

  3. Hi servitor,

    Have you lost your senses? I have not the slightest intention of doing craziness of this size. She has an "Institute of Feminine Discipline" newly for insolent and naughty males already.

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