Perfectly unreasonable

Lots of men experience sudden, irrational fears the night before their wedding. Or rational fears, sometimes, too.
Feelings of inferiority are her therapeutic speciality.
Oh, poor thing. Maybe she should drive off to find a chemists’ shop to buy some antihistamine – it’s best to deal with these things early, before the bites become inflamed.
I’ve tried paying for the ‘realistic girlfriend experience’ a few times, but it’s really a waste of money. They often don’t turn up and even if they do, we usually go to a bar or something where they get off with someone else and leave without me.
‘Cos she’s her laaaydeee… and you’re their male.
Erm… that spanking went without a hitch…no. This painting’s a bit kitsch… Oh dear.

6 thoughts on “Perfectly unreasonable”

  1. 1st caption: I don’t know why he thought his roommate was joking when she said she’ll impose marriage on him when they graduated. She was always a bit of a control freak bully who did not take “no” for an answer. Always making him cook for her, do all the chores and wash and iron her clothes. I don’t see that changing much for him now they’re married. He’ll be a dutiful, obedient husband…..or else.

    Caption 2: He’ll soon come to terms that his feelings of inferiority are as natural as breathing. He’ll soon seek after a woman willing to put him in his place, at her feet, where he belongs and needs to be.

    Last caption: Oops, well as the saying goes, he who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from trouble. This lad needs to take that to heart. If he doesn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Maybe he won’t get his ass spanked so much.

    1. All in all, Squaw, I think what you’re saying is that every new husband needs to undwerstand that the key to successful marriage is acceptance. That and grovelling, terrified obedience to the slightest whim of his superior partner.

      And I certainly can’t disagree with that.

      Best wishes


      1. For sure. Fearful obedience is a sign of his love and admiration for his wife.

  2. Caption 3 seems a little unlikely. Any self-respecting submissive would already have insinuated himself under her bare feet before this disaster happened.

    “Self-respecting submissive”, now there is an oxymoron. Or, as my Mistress always used affectionately to abbreviate it, a “moron”.

    Google tells me oxymorons “may seem illogical at first, but in context they usually make sense.” So, moron then. Mistress was correct as always.

    1. Indeed, the thoughtlessness of that submissive in not interposing himself between her lovely feet and the ants beggars belief. Males lack empathy like that, and it’s a good thing some women are prepared to take it upon themselves to help us learn to be more caring.

      Best wishes


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