Love not given lightly

There’s no excuse for that kind of blatant rebellion; I hope she deals firmly with it.
I always get embarassed in these situations – when you’re with someone and she starts talking to someone else and you’re kind of there, but also not really in the conversation, you know? You can try nuzzling her shoes, or something, to remind her you’re there too, but it’s still usually a bit awkward.
OWK being OWK, of course, the used wax strips covered in this animal’s fur will then be stirred into the slops for the next feeding time in the Queen’s Prison.
Pink? Pink? Well what’s wrong with pink?
She always feels it’s best to be businesslike, rather than sentimental, when breaking off a relationship.
She wants you to have an orgasm, but you’re not making it easy for her.

4 thoughts on “Love not given lightly”

  1. I stand up too with my wife’s lovers. I know her regular loves salty food, so when he comes i cook without adding salt, so he has to put salt himself when i serve them dinner.
    Who said it is impossible to stand up and be a man only because of a chastity device and some men banging my wife in my home almost every day?

    I show them who is in charge.
    When i ask them for a release without success i don’t hesitate to roll my eyes in front of them.

    The other day when one of her lovers whistled me for having a drink served, i walked slowly on purpose to make him wait a few seconds longer before having his drink.

    I stay a real man due to how frankly i stand up for myself.

    Tomorrow morning i will really show him: when i will bring them breakfast i will enter her room without knocking first. If it’s in the middle of his morning blowjob he will be so embarassed.
    And he will see who is in charge! Can you imagine being so alpha that you don’t hesitate to enter to your wife’s room without knocking, eventhough she has a lover inside?

    1. Loved the comment! So empowering.

      Yeah, people – normal people, I mean, not people like us – assume that sissies have no control over the domestic situations in which they find themselves, but they underestimate the power of a really good sulk with lots of burning resentment. I’ve even been known quietly to stamp my foot, when I’m sure no one’s watching. And last week, after getting up in the night to go out and find an all-night chemist to get some more condoms, I put a very obvious stress on the word ‘Sir; when kneeling to present them to him, with a distinctly sarcastic lilt to it. He hit me in the face, which admittedly he usually does, but I’m pretty sure it was harder than usual so I think he got the message!

      But I’ve always been a bit of a rebel like that. Even as a child – just ask my sisters. I was always challenging their authority.

      I’ll admit I’ve never quite dared roll my eyes, but it’s a thrilling idea and one day maybe I’ll do it!

      Best wishes


  2. Sometimes I even epilate my little thingy and sac before I am told to, just to be a rebel. They can’t break my spirit.

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