Queen for ever, ceasing never

Following yonder star.

…and best to put the bowl outside in the garden when it’s getting towards the end of the week, as you wouldn’t want that smell in the house.
Sometimes an enthusiastic amateur can be better than a pro.
Don’t worry: they don’t mean you.
When the ceremony’s over, and they’re leaving the church, it’s traditional to have him thrown from the steeple – and any bridesmaids who want to catch him can keep him.
Many people are opposed to the idea of arbitary power being exercised by unelected young ladies, but I really find it hard to understand why.
Live for the moment, as they say.

7 thoughts on “Queen for ever, ceasing never”

  1. ”Max, can you check if anyone wants a drink. Good boy. Remember to curtsey, OK?”

    Max is busy in this week between Christmas and New Year. The caterers have gone, so he is the sole provider of meals and snacks and feet worship services. He is a good cook and enjoys the praise of our guests. We had 14 guests for Christmas dinner, but 6 of them have now gone home.

    There were no incidences over the holiday, everyone was happy and Max got a lot of praise for being a ”good boy.” That really pleased me as it shows I run an efficient house.

    I allowed Max to be in the TV room as we watched the Christmas films. He was mainly kissing and sniffing feet, but he could hear the TV. Aunt Lillian was serviced with Max sniffing and licking her 72 year old ”pussy.” She really enjoys that and Max is so good at it.

    My sister and my mom also enjoyed Max’s ministrations. When it was quiet you could hear the slurping and swallowing sounds as we all chatted about the latest family gossip, the work gossip and the female aches and pains,the joys of being a woman and the cost of keeping sissy slaves.

    It is getting quite expensive, but Max is fed maise and rice mainly, with cabbage and left overs from my plate too. Our GP says he is fit for a sissy, who are often weak and poorly.

    The guys ignored him, except when they wanted more wine or a beer. They were quite off hand with him, as if he was letting the side down somehow. They didn’t complain, however, when he obediently did as he was told.

    ”Max can you help Helen and Tom to pack and do as they say, OK?” Helen is my younger sister, Tom her Alpha free man.

    ”Yes, ma’am. The dinner is in the oven, just a bit of veggie prep to do.”

    Later, Max was carrying 2 suitcases and Helen’s handbag down the stairs and out to their Range Rover.

    What a good boy.


    1. Yes Zoe.
      Sissies bow down and kiss your feet in an act of surrendering to your overwhelming female power.
      Alpha men exist to serve your other needs. A manly man has his charms also. He protects you and shows you how desirable you are.
      Women deserve to be made happy at all times
      You get to choose which kind you want and at which time. Female choice. Enjoy!
      Wishing you exotic joy and contentment!

      1. Thank you, Alberto, you are sweet.

        Max loves to be among superior women. My sister, Helen, enjoyed his licking skills. She would ‘claim’ him as we settled to watch trachy Christmas TV. He was under her long skirt and enjoying her pussy as soon as we all sat down and relaxed.

        I smiled as Helen teased her Alpha husband, Tom, and he looked quite jealous. One of the very few times Max has had another man (or rather a ‘real man’) feel he would like to be in his place.

        Sissy slaves are there to serve all the women, so I reluctantly said to Helen that there are others with ‘needs’. She was happy to sure and tapped Max on the back and told him to go to some other lady.

        Max came over to me, but I pointed at my mom, and told him to go to her. My mom sat back and allowed Max to kiss her feet and worship them. He did the same for Jane and Martha, my cousins and his mom and Aunt Lillian. Kissing and sniffing and enjoying the sights and smells of women’s feet.

        I allowed Max to remain after his usual bedtime as everyone needed serving with drinks and snacks. After a while I called him over to me and made a fuss.

        ”Good sissy, what a good boy you are honey. Sit by my feet and be quiet for a while, OK? Good boy!!”

        Max had a busy time and enjoyed looking after the 12 of us. 8 of those were female, so many feet and many ‘pussies’ and smelly bottoms to adore and worship and lick and sniff and be allowed near.

        What a good boy!!!


        1. Zoe.
          Licking pussy is a vicarious pleasure for a mature man. Her pleasure thrills him. One of the great joys of being a man is to make a women feel so good that she just glows.
          I hope the men in your life treat you so that you relish your femininity!

          1. Not sure I have much to add to this exchange, except possibly “Get a room, you two!”

            Best wishes to both – and to little Maxie, too.


    1. Thank you. Misandry has long been an interest of mine. But ‘Sir’ is my wife’s bull, dude. I’m just Servitor.

      Best wishes


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